Lost Weekend

– by Cinnamon –

I reserve us a hotel room for the weekend, and we arrange to meet there on a Friday afternoon – you after a drive down, and me after an early day at work. When you arrive at the hotel in Norfolk, you find I have arrived before you and welcomed you into the room. It’s a two-room suite, with a jacuzzi tub in the bathroom, a small fridge and microwave, and a nice big bed that you look forward to cuddling in.

You’re hungry from your drive, and I haven’t eaten either, so the first thing we do is go out to dinner. Before we leave, though, I fit your collar to you. It’s a thin choker of silvery metal, and only a close look can see that it fastens with a small hex screw – not something you’d easily remove by yourself. As well, before we go, I direct you to slip on a latex panty… one with tiny fingers, that you realize will rub gently against your pussy and clit as you move; one with a slim plug which I direct you to slide into your rear as the panty snugs against your hips. You aren’t too uncomfortable, but every movement reminds you that I now control your body.

We enjoy a very nice sit-down dinner together, spending a couple hours eating well and enjoying conversation together, with only the slight tugs and tickles, and the cool metal on your neck, reminding you why you are down here. When we leave, we stop at a store for a few minutes as I pick up some things, then we had back to the room.

I direct you to change into your vinyl maid’s outfit, and we change your collar to a thicker leather one with metal ornamentation. We put some videos on the TV, and you serve me dessert and drinks as we watch. I instruct you to give me a full-body massage, and you do a good enough job that I allow you to manipulate your panty to give you several comes. Soon it is late, though, and we have a big day tomorrow, so I prepare you for bed.

We remove your panty, and you strip out of your uniform. I bring out a trash bag with strategic cuts, and lay it beside you before I retrieve a disposable diaper and diaper you with it. I dress you in the trash-bag ‘leotard’ I’ve made, and wrap your hands in two balls of plastic wrap, leaving you helpless; then you are made to suck me until I am utterly hard, when I make a hole in your diaper and make love to you.

When I am done, you wait for me to undress you, but I have a surprise. I remove your leotard briefly, but instead of undiapering you I tape another one over it, leaving you thickly bound around your crotch. I then dress you in a plastic panty which has a small chain in the waistband, and as I lock it on to you, you realize that you aren’t getting out of this until I allow you to. I place you in a fresh ‘leotard’, one I’ve put baby powder in to the plastic will not chafe over night. With your hands still bound, I cuddle next to you and turn off the light.

Saturday morning comes, and we awake. You have managed to hold everything all night, but with morning’s arrival, you beg for me to release you and let you go to the bathroom. I refuse, and watch you with an evil smile as you try to hold it longer. Finally, I reach over to tickle you briefly, and with a rush, you lose control and flood your diapers. I take pity on you and allow you free of your confinement so you may use the bathroom for solids. We then enjoy a mutual washup in the jacuzzi tub. I change you back to your metal collar, and we head out for a morning at the beach.

We return to the room, and I tell you that since you were a dirty girl that morning you must be punished in an appropriate way. You strip, and I take a small remotely-controlled vibrator and place it in your pussy. I plug your rear again, and leave you for a moment to assemble a small frame from light PVC pipe. In the midst of the frame, I place a large trash bag on the floor, have you sit in the bottom, and bring the bag up around your shoulder, tucking the mouth around the edges of the frame. You realize I have made an open-framed trashcan, and you are sitting in it!

For the next several minutes, you find yourself covered in goop as I explain that I needed to throw some things out anyway. You are pied in the face, have cake batter poured over your head, pudding poured down your front and back ,and even large cakes thrown in the bag with you. When I am done, you are literally chest-deep in the goop, and you’re glad the room is warm because a lot of it is quite cold! You know what’s coming next – I slit a few air holes in chosen places, and seal the bag up over your head!

You’re not sure how long I keep you in there. Any sense of time you might have had is disturbed by my constant playing around with the remote vibrator. After quite some time, though, you hear me move away, and I type something in the computer for a while before returning to take the frame away and drag you into the front room, before the sofa.

I play with you some more, then the door bell rings. It’s a delivery boy, and I’m paying him for pizza! You’re only 3 or 4 feet away from him, and you try in terror not to move, because you’re naked and covered in goo in this tightly-packed bag. I draw it out as long as possible – I can’t find my wallet, I keep writing the wrong info on the slip – it seems like he’s there for a half-hour before I finally let him go. Even then, I don’t let you out… I clip off the zip tie, but use your other collar to fit the bag closely around your neck. I feed you your slices of pizza while you remain trapped in the bag.

Finally, of course, it’s time to let you out. We clean up, and fill a real trash bag with the debris. After some cuddling and conversation, we prepare for the party we’re going to that night. You dress nicely, but not too kinky. Together, we head over, and I change into one of my plastic dresses. You, however, are made to change into a trashbag dress I have cut for you, complete with a while maid’s apron cut from another bag – making you a sheer plastic maid!

After we socialize for a while, it’s time to start playing. I take you over to the St. Andrew’s Cross, and chain your arms high and your ankles low. As you rest in your bonds, I start flogging your back, and paddling your rear. We start very slow, with many short breaks and pauses for caresses, but I slowly work you harder and harder, as you sink deeper into subspace. Before too much longer, you are taking heavy hits, and strong strikes on your rear.

Finally, I stop, because I know I have pushed you as far as you can go. You plastic clothing is in shreds from the abuse, and we strip you down to the vinyl panties you wore to the party. I then lead you over to the vac bed, which rests on a padded bench, and you are wrapped in the tight latex embrace of the bed as the pain fades away. Your subspace changes to a much floatier one as people gently caress you and tease you. Though again, you have no way to follow time, I tell you later that you are in there for over an hour. Finally, I release you, and you dress. We socialize for a while as you drift, and eventually we return to the room for an exhausted sleep.

In the morning, we head out for a hearty breakfast – the weekend has given us quite an appetite. As we return to the room, you comment that you’ve had most of the orgasms this weekend, which you don’t think is completely fair. Before long, I’m completely encased in my black pallet wrap, with only my nose and penis sticking out! You are quite pleased to tease me the way I teased you, with gentle, brief attention from your mouth, and hands.

After a while, you roll me over, and slit the wrap over my rear. I moan as I feel you slipping something soft inside me, and as you roll me back onto my back, I feel that it is connected to something. As you play with my dick some more, I feel tension in my butt, and realize you’ve put the inflatable plug inside me.

Not long after that, I can’t take much more, and you climb atop me. As you ride me, you keep pumping on the inflation bulb until I’m practically screaming – but not quite safewording. When I come, it’s a massive explosion!

You let me out, we clean up and change. After a light snack, and some final cuddling and talking, I see you back to you car – you don’t want to be too late getting home, as you have work tomorrow. We kiss and embrace, and both of us leave the hotel… looking forward to next time!