Safety First, Robin

I was talking with friends about the new video, and one of the lines in it suddenly struck me as funny in an unintended way:

“ISCAH: And there you go. Mistress said to take the trash out, and I did. You’ve got air holes, so you should be fine until she calms down and I can bring you back inside. Doesn’t usually take more than an hour or two.”

I can’t help putting safety information into even the most obvious fantasy sequence, can I?

I think that looking back on it, I had two reasons. One of which is that the clock sequence and the outdoor lighting change both imply that poor AJ was stuck out there much longer than an hour or two, and I wanted to make it clear she could breathe for that long. The other one: unlike Jamie and Adam, I do want you to try this at home if it sounds like fun to you and your playmate. You may not have a usable can of the right size, but the big bags are easy enough to find; and I never get tired of stressing safety when oxygen supply is involved. Not only is breaking your bondage toy morally, ethically, and legally wrong… but you don’t get to do the scene with them anymore, and that really sucks!

Warning Symbol: Air Holes Let You Play Again TomorrowAn air hole visible in a bagging / dumpster scene from 2010