Notes on MarsCon and “Ready for Transport”

So, MarsCon is this completely awesome sci-fi/fantasy convention in Williamsburg that used to be a small relax-a-con, but isn’t quite as small anymore because it’s too awesome. Where else can you get complete, decent meals in the Con Suite for free all weekend? Doesn’t make me miss the autograph lines for Battlestar Galactica celebs at all.

The weekend kept me busy! Three panels and a comedy performance meant they got their free badge’s worth out of me. Also, I ran around for most of Saturday in my Alice in Wonderland dress, which is a bit like being on stage even when I’m not. Sunday I dropped kinda hard.

Anyway, one of the panels asked me to do something I’d never done before: a live reading before an audience. Years of acting experience did nothing to dispel the fact that both my performance and my writing would be simultaneously exposed. But if you never try anything new, you get boring.

Still, the con had an apocalyptic theme, and I’ve never written anything creepy – not on purpose. I must admit as well that I’ve been way over-zombied recently; so what could I write that fit the theme? And that’s when it hit me: Lovecraft’s Elder Gods yearned to bring about the end of the world. Now, I just had to let them, and somehow make it hawt. Too bad I couldn’t work in my own favorite kinks of messy play and encasement.

Then I remembered a certain bit of trivia relating to the activity of the alien mi-go, and with some appropriate modifications, I had the story – which you can read here. If I may say so, it went over very well, and gave me ideas for future efforts!