A Classic Tale Comes to PieWorks

Folks around the web have been asking for this for over a decade; in fact, a few have tired of waiting for me and created their own homebrew versions!* If you’re familiar with the stories on this site, you may have a very good idea what we filmed yesterday; if not, well, stay tuned for the trailer you’ll see very soon!

Kuriosity poses in her trashbag bikiniKuriosity in the legendary Dessert Glass

*Whenever safe, sane, consensual, and practical, we at PieWorks do suggest you try all this at home!


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  1. NikoTobi

    What inspired you?

    1. Shokolada

      Simple, really. I have a plastic fetish, and a messyplay fetish, and I am always looking for ways to combine them. So I thought it would be an interesting form of bondage for a lady to have her hands free, but be unable to do much with them because she was up to her neck in pudding and cake batter 🙂

      Here’s the original story: Dessert Glass. No sex in the video; Kuriosity didn’t sign up for that!

      1. NikoTobi

        The video is better than the story.

        1. Shokolada

          I’m glad you enjoyed it! It’s even more fun when you get to watch a real person doing it 🙂

          1. NikoTobi

            I always search new ideas for more nasty punishment…

            if you have other ideas…
            You can talk with me on FL, same username.

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