Why I’m Pleased With FetFest

An object lesson on how wonderful it can be when things go wrong:

My messy dessert play class at FetFest had to be relocated to an area with easier access to running water and power. However, we were confused, and relocated to the wrong area. Once we found out, we relocated to the correct area, to discover that all the chairs and table had been removed previously, and there was no shelter from the rain which had just started.* When the FetFest folks found out about this, they did everything they could to quickly relocate us again to a tent behind the dining hall.

And did the audience and the bottoms complain? Not hardly. Everyone pitched in to help me move the gear, and to prepare the supplies. We started the class 30 minutes late, but my talk went well, my bottoms were awesome, and all the extra goop brought by last-minute bottoms and audience members made for a wonderfully out-of-hand participation session at the end!

I’ve been a stage and video actor for years, and this is the best reason that “The show must go on…” – because sometimes, it actually gets even better. Special thanks to Mme_Corbeau, stormygoddess, SissyChristina2, tattoo_fairy, Doc_bb, AlexanderMrSkunk, and everyone else who pitched in. I can’t wait until next year!

*Not the type of Wet-And-Messy play I intended to demonstrate!