Catalyst Latex Sailor Scouts

Sailor Mars costume in latex by Catalyst

“Be your own alternative anime babe in a Sailor Scout outfit made completely from your favourite material!
Each set contains: ♥ Opera sleeves ♥ Choker with appliqué detailing ♥ Cap sleeve T-shirt with Sailor collar and large bow. ♥ Circle skirt with large back bow detailing.”

My cosplayer side is in serious need of this latex Sailor Mars outfit from Catalyst. I promise to take good care of it and feed it regularly. The down side? With custom sizing (always get custom sizing in your latex if you can) it runs £205, which is around $300 with today’s exchange rate. So, it will have to go on the list. But that’s okay.

Besides, this gives me time to do a little exercise and trim up a bit. Latex outfits appreciate that!