Agents of S.H.O.K.O.L.A.D.A.

A Twitter conversation…

[friend]: Awesome thing I forgot to mention earlier: I finally have an official domain registration account πŸ˜€

[me]: I’m guessing I can’t bribe you to register “” for me, though. πŸ˜›

[friend]: *giggles* Not really, unless you can come up with some official-y agency or program acronym that matches πŸ˜›

[me]: Got it!

Supreme – Headquarters – Of – Kink – Oriented – Liquid – And – Dessert – Applications … dot gov.

So, who out there wants to be special agents for the Flying Pie Monster?

1 comment

  1. Still think you should be Agent P for Pie Pope.

    My brain went somewhere else this time.. fight scenes.

    Pastry Power
    Chocolate Cannon
    Pudding Projectile

    I do still need a neopolitan-stripe-print caped suit. And an armful of squishable mini cupcakes to throw at folks.