Rearranging the Furniture

Ideas for a shoot are cheap: I must have a dozen right now. Even if I leave out the scenarios which are completely impossible due to the laws of physics, lack of winning million-dollar lottery tickets, or risk of physical injury; I’ve still got plenty.

But as the previous sentence implied, even the simpler shoots aren’t cheap, and that’s why the long dry spell since “Indiscretion”. Oh, I could sit a lady in a wading pool, pour slime over her, and move on; but many of my wonderful colleagues are already doing a fine job producing those. The messpians of PieWorks get their kicks putting on a little show!

With all that in mind, I’ve decided to move on. Not from PieWorks, mind you! Improving my own standard of living improves my ability to invest in new productions and bring you the silly shiny mess you’ve come to expect. Besides, I’ve been missing out on too many kink events over the last year. So, it’s new employment time; for this and other good reasons, I’ll be moving around 200 miles as soon as I’ve got a firm offer.

This also gives me the opportunity to move closer to my girlfriend, who’s been invaluable help behind the scenes for a while (and maybe in front of the camera soon). On a note complete free of pervery, I’ll also be closer to my mom: I’m not young, and she’s obviously less so, so this is a Good Thing. Life chaos may stimulate creativity, but a little stability helps us do something with it!

The last few years have been a bumpy ride at best. Here’s to a 2014 with a lot more fun, a lot more film, and a lot more pies!