Kinking It Up at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2014

Just passed a lovely weekend with my sweetie (“Hello, sweetie”) at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2014. Like many an anime con, AMA is a delightful place to be a respectful perv: I especially recall the rear of a lady in a spandex Evangelion plugsuit, the few scraps of black vinyl retaining the modesty of a lady wearing Ryuko’s Battle Mode Senketsu, and a girlfriend who encouraged me to look so I’d later pounce her that much more energetically.

On top of that, I spent the whole weekend in either a cheerleader outfit (from “Lucky*Star”) or a Japanese schoolgirl “fuku” (from “Kill la Kill”). Not only was I not mocked or shamed, but folks eagerly requested my picture, hugs, and fist-bumps all con. We even did lunch in costume, confirming my premise that all you need is a relaxed confident attitude for folks to react very positively.

Also, Stormy’s birthday fell on this weekend, and a cake was duly sacrificed. Very little of it got eaten… at least from plates. Thank goodness the pink icing didn’t stain as much as it briefly looked like it would. And of course, when a PVC maid dress has irreparable damage, you can’t give it a better send-off than a coating of icing and crushed cake!

I hope your weekend was a blast too!