TIED: All Wrapped Up and In the Bag

June 10th, I did my Plastic Encasement demo for TIED. Years ago when I originally moved out to Hampton Roads, I found the TIED folks and finally began my journey into BSDM as it’s practiced in real life as opposed to in Internet wank-fantasies. (There’s something to be said for many such fantasies, but it’s a mistake to take them as a template for reality.) So, I have a special place in my heart for this bunch.

So, after a brief introduction and a little audience interaction, I started things off by pallet-wrapping one of the demo bottoms. She’d been wrapped before, and much of the audience was already familiar with such scenes, but everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway. I answered some questions and acknowledge some thoughts, and fondled (consensually) her a bit for good measure through the thin layers.

I think the audience found the second segment a bit more novel. After stripping away the red plastic, I slipped her into a trash bag tunic (prepared ahead of time) which I taped tightly between her legs. Then came the trash bag straitjacket, with the neat bows at chin and spine; and finally the 55-gallon bag engulfed our brave demo bottom!

She rustled around a bit, able to see little and move less, while audience members quizzed her about her sensations and me about the practicalities. I have to say, having a willing lady trapped in my bags and openly enjoying the experience made it difficult to remain professional; ah, the trials of a kink educator. Of course, some previously-negotiated plastic groping occurred, purely in the cause of demonstration, I promise. No one in the room had any complaints!

The evening drew on, though, so I reluctantly let her out and demonstrated my latex vac bed with the second demo bottom, and an audience member after that. The bed’s been temperamental lately, so I was relieved that it worked properly and gave both ladies its tightest embrace. (Sure, latex isn’t plastic encasement. No one complained about that either.) and with that, we wrapped up (ha) the evening.

I had a blast, as did the demo bottoms, and I think the audience did too. Thanks again to TIED for inviting me: I relished the chance to say hi to some friends I hadn’t seen in ages. And I relished the opportunity to teach again; I love running my classes, and the last one happened months ago.

Can’t wait for the next time I get to wrap, bag, pie, or gunge someone in (semi-) public!