Dungeon SploshNirvana

In a plastic-lined dungeon,
Cool Whip in my hair
Rich smooth brownie batter
Pouring down through the air
Over there on the table, I saw a line-up of pies
My heart rate quickened and my mind grew dim
My temperature started to rise…

There she stood wearing latex;
I heard the DJ’s mix
And I was wondering to myself
Exactly how I got myself in this fix
Then she grabbed that confection, and shoved it into my face
There was laughter from the voyeurs ‘round
I heard them through sub-space…

“Welcome to the Dungeon SploshNirvana,
“It’s the perfect place,
“For pies in your face.
“Plenty of goo at the Dungeon SploshNirvana,
“To find your tasty glee, your messy destiny!”

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