But I Do Know I Liked It

Last night was a heck of a play session. I made sure my sweetie had a very very good time; and in return, she put me in a trash bag and threw me in our bondage dumpster, then dressed me up Little after I got out. which was pretty awesome.

So after we were done playing, I got dressed again, but my sweetie told me to keep wearing my kinky underwear under my street clothes. That was hot, so I agreed to it!

After dinner, we were sitting downstairs watching some TV and she told me that one of our friends was coming over. They wanted to go play the Wizards Unite mobile phone game for a while, and she wanted to be sure it would be okay to leave me while they went out. I was feeling freakin’ great, so I told her it would be no problem.

“I just better make sure not to crinkle while she’s here,” I joked.

“Oh, don’t worry. If you do, I’ll just tell her what you’re wearing,” she replied evilly.

Well, I flushed and squirmed and was at the same time massively turned on. It didn’t feel like erotic humiliation… is there such a thing as erotic embarrassment? If so, I felt it last night for the first time I can remember.

After she was done enjoying my squirming and blushing, she admitted that it wouldn’t be a fair consent thing to even indirectly involve our friend in our kink play. But, she added: while they were out, if the subject did somehow come up… well, I wouldn’t be told. I’d just have to wonder whether it did or not.

Another blush. I love it when she’s in a sadistic mood.

(By instruction, I’m still wearing that underwear here at work, too.)