Shok’s Perfect Play Pie Recipe

So, since I was asked, here is the recipe for the pies I like to play with.

Take a 12oz container of whipped topping. Thaw it in the fridge overnight – important for best consistency. Nadia Valentine pulls the frozen contents from the plastic container and defrosts it in a Ziplock bag for easy handling, which sounds like a great idea.

Optional step: once the whipped topping is defrosted, stir a drop or two of food coloring in for visual appeal. Better to use too little than to use too much, we don’t want to stain skin.

Get your pie tin: it can be the kind with or without a crust. Without is cheaper, but it can be a lot of fun watching chunks of crust slowly slide down the targets face. Another optional step; if you have access, pour a layer of chocolate or vanilla pudding in for the topping. I usually stick to those, but a few targets will enjoy banana pudding or other flavors. Ask first – and check for allergies while you’re at it!

Use a spatula to scoop, or cut off a corner of the Ziploc to squeeze, and fill that tin with whipped topping. Some people think 8oz is enough, but I believe in excess for my messy play. You may wish to smooth out the top for visual appeal or decorate it with a little spray cream. (One of the few reasons I would use spray cream in play. It melts too quickly.) Remember to avoid decorations that would stain, or that might irritate the target’s eyes.

You’ve already set up your play space, right? Dropcloths down, target dressed in clothes they won’t mind potentially ruining (trash bag tunics!), video camera set up? Then get to throwing and/or pushing, before your pies melt away!