Someone Collared to Me

Yesterday I remarked about the startling suggestion that I might accept the collar of someone I hadn’t even met in person/. I’m a bottom who is exploring submission and little space and I’m the last person in the world who would have a slave.

Or… am I?

I have fantasized since puberty of having a woman (let’s be honest, multiple women) with a consensual obligation to do anything I say. Obviously, those were almost always kinky sex fantasies. (“Alice and Bridget: strip naked, don transparent trash bag dresses, and start a pie fight with each other.”)

But I’m not that naive. Accepting someone’s collar involves more than having them perform for me. As I understand it, I’d become responsible for them; their welfare would be a prime concern. It would be up to me to guide them and assist them and support them. And I already try to do all this in my intimate relationships, but in none of those do I have the power that comes with a M/s relationship.

So, I don’t know if I’m a good fit for this. I’d hate to be a bad master to someone who meant that much to me. If it ever happened, it would have to be with someone patient and mature who understood my limitations and helped me with those as I helped them with their own. That sounds pretty good, honestly, but I don’t know how often it happens in real life.

However, my hormones would like everyone to know that I’m still accepting applications for ladies I can order into my kinky sex fantasies on a regular basis.