A Pie’ndemic Is Upon Us!

Since the “Sudden Cravings” shoot was postponed by the coronavirus, I struck back the only way I knew how: with the supplies already purchased and two pie-newbies! Are you prepared for the cannolivirus?

“Pie’ndemic” is available for the special pie-solation price of $5 from my UMD Store, and via the PieWorks Video Store on chocmess.com (which takes you to the same place).

If you and I have talked about modeling for PieWorks, you can watch the full version for free at the PieWorks Private Theater. Message me if you’ve lost the link!

In these difficult times, it’s remarkably comforting to have professionals like Valencia and GirlDynamic on the case! The ladies give us a messy briefing on cannolivirus using cream pies and yellow and chocolate cake batter for demonstration. Spokesperson GirlDynamic’s long white coat is destroyed while nurse Valencia wears a red PVC dress for extra protection!

Filmed on Pi(e) Day 2020, 3/14!

*Coronavirus is very serious. But we still have to have fun!