Peril of the Pandemic Pies – IN 3D!!!!

On Pi(e) Day, after a planned shoot fell through, some friends and I spent what would be one of our last social-nearness days using the prepared supplies to shoot an emergency script with a lot of laughs: Pie’ndemic! The performers were brand-new to pie-play and I know Valencia is looking forward to her next opportunity!

BUT! Simultaneously, I shot 3D footage for the first time ever! And after a week of struggling with software I’d never used before, I have posted Pie’ndemic VR to my store on the UMD! I’m super pleased with the results – it absolutely is like being on the set with the ladies dodging pies! I’ve tested it on a 3D gaming headset and on my phone with a Google Cardboard viewer and it looks amazing.

The scene should be ready for purchase within 24 hours or so, but you can get a taste now with the trailer on YouTube! The trailer is 3D-enabled, so you can pan around the scene with your browser or try it out on Cardboard or headset. Let me know what you think!