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Homecoming, by Vonce

I think it’s about time for a messy story……. Homecoming (m/f mess) Ms. Kenny was my high school art teacher and she was the reason that every guy in school took at least two art classes. At about 25 years old she was a nice contrast to many of the old timers with whom we …

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Adventures of Kim Hardaway 1, by Reynolds

It seems that serial characters (“Peanut Butter Betty,” “Rachel Ross,” etc.) are popular with WAM writers, and I am no exception. Here’s the first of a series I’ve done. Enjoy. THE ADVENTURES OF KIM HARDAWAY, AMERICAN STOOGE by Reynolds As she stood in the tiny cubicle, holding what barely constituted enough material to be called …

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The Gunge Pocket, by Messmaster

This is Based On a True Story! I knocked on her door, almost unable to stop trembling from excitment. I’ve done it with plenty of whipped cream, chocolate, baby oil, and other slimy stuff. But this girl was outrageous. She said that tonight, we would get even messier than ever before. She came to the …

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The Gunge Booth, by Oliver

Are you comfortable? …then we’ll begin. This latest epic from the studios of ‘Oliver’ is far from finished. However, I’m getting just a tad miffed with the amount of SPAM filling up our wonderous newsgroup. 872 new items, according to my count, in the last day and only 4 marked WAM:! Come on chaps WE …

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The Cooking Class

The Cooking Class “This week class, we will be working from the Pastries and Desserts portion of our lessons” were the words that Ms. Brent had spoken. Now she was wondering if she would ever be allowed to say anything else in her classroom again. She has been the instructor for all of the cooking …

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Cindy’s Chocolate Tan, by MessyBoy

Well, it’s been a while since my last story, but here at last is the third story in the Betty & Cindy Saga! For those of you who don’t know, Betty and Cindy are two teenage girls just starting out into the wild world of foodplay. I’m afraid the first story, Peanut Butter Betty, hasn’t …

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Gunge And The Single Girl, by Oliver

Gunge And The Single Girl (f, food, pies, oil, gunge and a charitable spirit) ============================================================================= Hi! I’m Rebecca, but my friends all call me Beckie. I’m 23 years old and work at a bar right in the centre of town. I love my job and certainly find myself very popular with all of the men …

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Gunge Game, by Jean

Lisa arrived at the supermarket for the evening shift as she did every evening, at five. The short, buxom blonde, her wavy blonde hair cut in a bob, made her way past the checkouts, smiling at one or two of her friends, ignoring the lustful glances of the trolley boys. She was wearing her favourite …

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Betty’s Birthday, by MessyBoy

Hidyo. It’s been a loooong while since I’ve had time to work on one of these stories, and I hope it will be enjoyed. Standard disclaimers apply, comments always welcome. *** BETTY’S BIRTHDAY by MessyBoy *** “Happy birthday!” Betty rolled the words around in her mind once again. What image did those words bring to …

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The Bathing Beauty, by Oliver

The Bathing Beauty (f, swimwear, an unbelievably stick concoction of mess!) ========================================================================== Hi, my name’s Vanessa! If your intrigued by the title of this article then your probably just as confused as I was to start with! This was perhaps the most fun assignment I’ve had for a long time and certainly the stickiest, so …

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