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The House Party

— by AlanWam — (Noels House Party is a UK television programme where members of the public sometimes get gunged) Sue and I went out for New Years Eve for the first time in years and it was definitely worth while. A friend had suggested we go to a pub about ten miles from us …

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The Gas Man Cometh

— by AlanWam — Sally reached out her long arm over the edge of the bath and selected another bowl of beans from the small table at her side. Slowly she poured the contents over her already stained summer dress before letting the bowl slide lazily to her side to join the other empties. With …

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After Dinner Dessert

— by AlanWam — I’ve just had my first introduction to slapstick and I loved it although it had some interesting moments. Sex is not that easy as I share a house with a girl friend of mine and my current boyfriend shares with four other guys. When my girl friend told me she was …

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After Dinner Snack

— by AlanWam — My girlfriend and I had been going out together for a year and to celebrate I took her out to dinner. After a wonderful meal we went back to her house for coffee and settled down together on the settee listening to some CD’s. Soon we were kissing and soon my …

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Cream Pie Delight

She looked at me from across the room with a knowing smile and walked confidently over to me. “Do you find the way I look attractive”, she asked looking directly into my eyes. I managed a weak nod of my head … but no words. “Let me help”, she offered. “Could it be perhaps my …

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Pergola of Gunge, by SpinyNorman

Pergola of Gunge, by SpinyNorman ( Gill looked up at the bamboo framework above her with its array of paper bags hanging above her. She shivered with excitement as the bags swayed gently in the warm breeze. She was lying on her back in a small inflatable pool. Her body clad only in a red …

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Peanut Butter Betty, by MessyBoy

I’ve seen all the new story postings here etc etc etc. Peanut Butter Betty by MessyBoy *** Betty stared at her friend Cindy with disbelief. “What?” she asked. “I said,” Cindy repeated, “that I read that you can use peanut butter to improve your complexion.” She pointed at the piece of paper in her hand, …

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Out of the Closet, by Messy Muddy Michael

“Out of the closet, and on to…” (F/F Mud) By Messy Muddy Michael The events, places, and persons portrayed within this piece are complete fiction. Any similarity is strictly by accident. This story is 100% public domain. Please feel to distribute this to all your friends and family, and post to any and all homepages …

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Just Another Day at the Office, by SirMarhalt

Just Another Day at the Office My secretary is the world’s biggest tease. She insists on being called an “administrative assistant” and this truly is a more accurate description of the nature of her job. I still call her my secretary because it pisses her off. Carla is about 5’7″ and has thick black hair …

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Messy Torture, by MessyBoy

Subject: WAM — Story: Messy Torture Steve peered through the brush ahead and adjusted his goggles silently. Silence was all around him. He could feel the presence of the enemy—somewhere. In his admittedly poor camouflage—jeans and a green t-shirt—he was an easy target. No need to make himself an easier one. He reviewed his orders …

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