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Found Bagged

— by Gromet — My second trashbag story, combining my love of self bondage and discovery, along with being objectified and bagged – hope you enjoy. I had the day to myself, a rare day off during the working week and my wife was working today, the house was mine. After eating breakfast and some …

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My First Time

— Anonymous — I had been living with my boyfriend for about 6 months and we were now very comfortable with each other. We are both into the bsdm lifestyle so it was not uncommon for us to tie each other up. One night, Mike came up to me and asked if he could be …

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Dessert Glass

— by Shokolada — Cameron looked up from the chess game. He’d finally gotten a pawn across the board, and the introduction of another queen had saved his game at the last minute. He let an evil grin spread across his face, and said, “You know what this means, don’t you?” Linda knew very well. …

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Gunge Bondage

— by Shokolada — Linda approached the doorway with trepidation. When she’d lost the bet last night on the tennis match, Linda knew that the next night would be sexy, sticky, and a little unusual. Cameron was the first man she’d ever met who was into messy sex with pies and chocolate; while she’d learn …

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