The Stay-Melty Marshmallow Man

I had a *very* interesting Saturday afternoon duct-taped to a chair while two potential PieWorks models anointed me with 6 lbs. of marshmallow fluff. You know, the usual weekend activities.

Trash Talk

I’ve had a few chances this year to reflect on this, and it’s really interesting to me. In a trash bag scene, I don’t mind being called “trash” or “garbage” because that’s playful objectification. In a littles scene I don’t mind being called “little boy” or “little girl” or even “baby” both because adults use those as terms of endearment, and because the playfulness is still there.

What I don’t like being called in a trash scene is words like “worthless,” “useless,” “disgusting” and the like. Because those are cruel words, and I spent too much of my life believing them. I’ve struggled for most of my life with depression and anxiety; and once years ago I decided that maybe those words were right, and therefore I didn’t need to be around anymore. That led to a very close shave with the worst mistake I could possibly make ever.

So I need to remember to negotiate that carefully in scenes. For whatever reason. I don’t find being bound in a bag humiliating; but those words can take me there, and not in a fun kinky way.

Is it possible at all to use those words without negative effect? Sure. If we are really close, and we tease each other already, and you take whatever steps are necessary (including negotiation, pre-care, and tone of voice) to convince me you are saying those for fun and not in disgust. Even then, it’s edge play. Handle with care.

Having said all that, I had an incredible bag scene tonight. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world, my Dominant was amazing and read in me everything we hadn’t talked about, and I cannot surkking wait to play plastic with them again. It was a good night… and food for thought as well.


Official Model Announcement!

We had a tentative agreement before, I can officially announce that Merry Metrics and Lucky Leaf will join the exclusive group of PieWorks models! Let’s give them a warm, gooey welcome! Even better, swing by the “Sudden Cravings” Patreon site and help get them extremely messy IRL!

“Sudden Cravings” Patreon Appeal!

Here it is! I’ve completed the official crowd-funding video for “Sudden Cravings”. We have to raise $750 quickly if we’re going to pull off some of our special planning; so if you have friends who aren’t likely to be offended by this content, please spread the link to the video, this blog post, or directly to the Patreon!

Please help us out! Donations start at $5… but the rewards get better the more you contribute…

Why We Need Help Funding

Supplies for the filming of “Dessert Glass” – notice the fishing line to support the rim of the “glass”

This is just the messy supplies for the filming of a PieWorks production. On top of that we have model fees, costumes, set rental, etc. etc. etc. Please consider going to [on hold for reorganization] before March 14, 2020, to help us fund the next one!

I Have A Green Screen

And I have plans… (no sound on this clip)

The PieGirl’s Progress

Seven vertical slices of images from "Dessert Glass" showing Kuriosity getting progressively messier.
Promotional graphic for the upcoming PieWorks crowdfunding campaign. Images are of Kuriosity from the “Dessert Glass” shoot. Check the top of the right-hand column for crowdfunding links!

Feared and Desired Throughout the Quadrant

You Have No Chance To Stay Clean

(made via the video game text creator at

Faces of Social Media

What can I say, it’s a meme…