But I Do Know I Liked It

Last night was a heck of a play session. I made sure my sweetie had a very very good time; and in return, she put me in a trash bag and threw me in our bondage dumpster, then dressed me up Little after I got out. which was pretty awesome.

So after we were done playing, I got dressed again, but my sweetie told me to keep wearing my kinky underwear under my street clothes. That was hot, so I agreed to it!

After dinner, we were sitting downstairs watching some TV and she told me that one of our friends was coming over. They wanted to go play the Wizards Unite mobile phone game for a while, and she wanted to be sure it would be okay to leave me while they went out. I was feeling freakin’ great, so I told her it would be no problem.

“I just better make sure not to crinkle while she’s here,” I joked.

“Oh, don’t worry. If you do, I’ll just tell her what you’re wearing,” she replied evilly.

Well, I flushed and squirmed and was at the same time massively turned on. It didn’t feel like erotic humiliation… is there such a thing as erotic embarrassment? If so, I felt it last night for the first time I can remember.

After she was done enjoying my squirming and blushing, she admitted that it wouldn’t be a fair consent thing to even indirectly involve our friend in our kink play. But, she added: while they were out, if the subject did somehow come up… well, I wouldn’t be told. I’d just have to wonder whether it did or not.

Another blush. I love it when she’s in a sadistic mood.

(By instruction, I’m still wearing that underwear here at work, too.)

Wrestling In Inflatable Latex

I want the black suit so much. Being squeezed in latex for hours sounds sooo goooood…

Jhada Reviews the Lelo Mona Wave

Jhada is an old friend of mine, and read the audio story “Gunge Bondage” for this site. Please check out her new sex toy review channel, and give her a like, comment, share, and subscribe!

I’m So Square

Making square PieWorks trailers for my Instagram. A bit of a challenge but it turned out successful!

45-second Instagram trailer for “Shopping List”

Sensors Detecting Oncoming Pies

Hi there! It’s been a long time. I hope all you perverts are doing well.

I’m happy to announce that my fetish life is getting back on track. In the last month I have been introduced to a whole lot of kinky people, and many of them are interested in being PieWorks’ newest models! We have a script and models ready for our next shoot, and are only waiting for the budget to line up and a suitably roomy venue. In the meantime, we have outlines and interested models for about another six shoots, all of which we will be setting up as quickly as possible!

In the meantime, please feel free to check out our video store, in which a top selection of our previous videos is still available art reasonable prices, and don’t forget to look at our Classes page if you’re interested in having Shokolada speak at your kink event or your late-night track at your sci-fi con.

Watch this space: if things go well, we’ll have a lot of content for you very soon…

New Bondage Furniture

Four years ago, my sweetie found this outdoor storage container on sale at an outlet store and thought it would be lots of fun to lock me in it once in a while. But we didn’t actually want to set it up outdoors: heat, bugs, etc. didn’t sound like kinky fun. So it stayed in the shipping box for years.

Now we finally have room to set it up in our new place! And while I only had a few moments for a quick tryout right after setup, my friend Dreamkissed offered to give it a proper trial run of at least an hour. So I gave her the “bondage dumpster” experience!

I guess she liked the new furniture since she fell asleep in there. 🙂 It’s all soft pillows and foam, so it’s super comfy. Still needs a ventilation fan for long-term sessions, and maybe a little extra padding on the floor for comfort. But I’m pretty pleased with the results!

Oh… and it’s really close to a shower… in case someone ends up in there in a bag with the bakery trash… heh heh heh.

Pi Day 2018

Happy 3.14, everyone!

This is of course a retrospective of our work, but we are right now actively seeking paid models in the Raleigh area (or willing to travel on their own dime) for new shoots! Stay tuned to this website!


My new cryptocurrency is called PieCoin. It’s only redeemable for pies in the face (and other places); but nevertheless I expect it to do very well, so be ready to get in on the ground floor.

Our PieCoin cryptocurrency is in negotiations with CakeInTheFaceCoin and PuddingDownYourKnickersCoin, so stay tuned for details on possible exchange rates.

The Peace of Plastic (… or Latex)

This is the view from inside my much loved-and-abused Subbie Storage Trash Can, seen in “Can It!” The thing about so much encasement play is that it is both erotic, and soothing and peaceful. To be softly held in place on all sides, forced to relax because you’ve no choice, surrounded by quiet dimness or darkness… ahhh.

Maid Dress Replacement

This dress was destroyed in an amazing pie scene (“Indiscretion” trailer). No regrets, this was always going to be its fate, but I want to replace it and no one makes it anymore. Sadface 🙁