Master of WAM

I’m absolutely stunned: Valentalae of FetLife and Twitter has written a filksong about me! And now I’m hearing talk that someone wants to record it? Whoa.

It’s to the tune of Rupert Holmes’s “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” and the original post is on her blog. I’m re-posting it with permission:

“I got done with my homework,
And started browsing porn.
But the cumshots and orgies,
Just didn’t work anymore.
Then I found this guy’s website,
And it was like a dream.
All these gorgeous models,
Covered in whipped cream.

“His name is Shokolada,
He’s the master of WAM.
He’ll make you sit in a sheet cake.
And put your ass in the can.
If you like getting into pie fights,
And having buckets of fun.
If you’re ready for a good time,
Shokolada’s the one.

“I was so very horny,
I know it sounds kinda weird.
But chocolate icing looks sexy,
On a girl when it’s glopped and splattered and smeared.
I subscribed to the website.
And bought some videos.
Entertained myself for hours,
Watching the flavor flow.

“His name is Shokolada,
He’s the master of WAM.
Pouring pudding down your T-shirt,
Then he’ll turn on the cam.
If you like sticky situations,
It’s as easy as pie.
If ya wanna get messy,
Shokolada’s your guy.

“Finally met him in person,
Couldn’t pass up the chance.
We didn’t have a pie fight,
But he put some pastries down my pants.
It was the best scene ever.
Almost better than sex.
But what I think’s even better,
He doesn’t know it, but he’s next.

“His name is Shokolada,
He’s the master of WAM,
If you want just desserts,
He can give you a hand.
If you’re bored with vanilla,
Tell your husband or wife.
Call my friend Shokolada,
And make a mess of your life!”

Dessert Glass – The Movie

Well, the eleven minute video, at least. That’s right: after all these years, we got together the model, the materials, and the tasty sugary goo; and the results are available for your downloading pleasure at the PieWorks video store. But you want at least a taste (heh) of what you will see, right?

Kuriosity was absolutely amazing. This is her first time modeling for us, but she is extremely eager to do it again! She did a wonderful job with the lines she was given, and wore the ‘glass’ beautifully – and didn’t look bad in a trash bag bikini, either. As usual, we’ve included a few short outtakes with the movie, but I only wish I could show you what happened with the cameras off! We’ll certainly be having her back!

A Classic Tale Comes to PieWorks

Folks around the web have been asking for this for over a decade; in fact, a few have tired of waiting for me and created their own homebrew versions!* If you’re familiar with the stories on this site, you may have a very good idea what we filmed yesterday; if not, well, stay tuned for the trailer you’ll see very soon!

Kuriosity poses in her trashbag bikiniKuriosity in the legendary Dessert Glass

*Whenever safe, sane, consensual, and practical, we at PieWorks do suggest you try all this at home!

Messy Bagging Game

— by Shokolada —

(I wrote this a long time ago on the instructions of a dominant friend; after reading this, she mentioned that she knew what to do with me next time we met…)

We’re at your house on Saturday afternoon, and have been cuddling and fooling around for a while. You can tell I’m getting a little excited from what we’re doing, and you suddenly get a wicked gleam in your eye. “Strip!” you order me, and since it’s you, of course I do.

You tell me to open a pudding can and make up a cream pie, and I eagerly go to do that as you head out of the room for a moment; you get back about the time I finish. You take out my roll of pallet wrap, and wrap me into a fetal position; my knees up against my chest, my head sticking out of one end of the wrapping and my feet and butt out the other end. Of course, I enjoy it, and when you’re done, you ask me with a grin if I’m comfy. I nod; I’m having a good time so far!

You roll me forward and gently, ignoring my protests; and slip a flared butt plug into me, working it back and forth until it pops in. Rolling me upright again, you unroll one of the 55-gallon bags and, before you shake it out, you use a pair of scissors to cut several 1-inch slits on the folds. Once you’ve opened it, you roll me in, and use a twist tie to close the top, The slits give me more than enough air, but are hard to see from outside. I’m loving this, of course… when you rolled me in, you could see evidence of that between my legs!

Continue reading

Cinnamon at the Curb

Busy month! New job, which means a lot less time to fool around, but does mean the budget for more messy shoots: stay tuned! Until then, he’s a little something from the archives; a picture from a scene with Cinnamon (of “Shopping List” fame) where, after repeated misbehaviors, she had to be taken out and left at the curb 🙂

Blue recycling bin at the side of the road. The open lid displays several full trashbags and the blindfolded head of a girl.

Sometimes, when you've gotten the day's use out of your submissive, you just have to set them out for collection...

Schoolgirl Marines

Tentacle monsters?
Shokolada wearing a black-and-white PVC schoolgirl fuku, carrying an Aliens pulse rifle prop.
Bring ’em on.

Kinkster Trash Pile (very) Short Video

The still seen previously was a capture from this video, which is nothing more than my four kinkster friends rolling around and struggling in their zip-tied trash bags. We didn’t take much footage, though I will say that not all of them were in a hurry to be let out afterwards! Perhaps I can do this again with a larger group – it would be fun!

Without further ado…

Kinkster Trash Pile

Okay, there’s a little history behind this. I can’t even remember if this was in an old Yahoo group or a chat session, but someone brought up the idea of a kink party with submissives and bottoms all bound in a wiggling trash pile in the corner. What with kinky people being kinky, we had a lot more volunteers to be in the trash bags then we did for people to do the bagging!

Well, anything that sounds possible and vaguely practical is something I store in my head for future attempts at reality, and at a recent party, I had the chance at a beta version of the scene. Check out our little Kinkster Trash Pile!

Four kinky folk tied up and wiggling around in 55-gallon trash bags!

And yes, they had air holes. You should know that much about me by now!

Oh, one more thing. There’s a very short video of their struggling… all you have to do to see it is register here on the site. It’s free, and lets you leave comments – which you are encouraged to do!

My Schedule for Colonial Kink 2012

Just over a week from this post, I’ll be heading to Colonial Kink in Williamsburg, VA to present three classes and enjoy myself hanging out with some really hoopy froods. The event’s shaping up to be a blast, and you can learn more by heading to their website at – but in the meantime, here’s my own presenting schedule.

Saturday, 9:00 – 10:30
— Wrapping Up the Scene – Mummification and Encasement —
The ultimate restraint! We’ll discuss binding a bottom from neck to toes or even farther, wrapping and/or packing them for teasing, play, quiet time, or storage; with an emphasis on maximum fun and safety. Stick around for the demonstrations! Continue reading

I Searched the Blog Over

The good news is that the search box in the corner is finally behaving the way it should: it searches both in tags and in the body of each post or story. The bad news is that clicking on a tag isn’t correctly doing an automatic tag search, which is an issue with the Graphene site theme. The author is aware of the problem and is working on it.

Until then, here’s a picture of me looking quasi-dominant for once. I’ve been waiting to sit in this chair since I was four; if you don’t recognize it, then I suggest you start looking around Netflix for science-fiction TV series starring William Shatner.

Shok sitting in a Captain's Chair replica based on the original "Star Trek"