Kinking It Up at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2014

Just passed a lovely weekend with my sweetie (“Hello, sweetie”) at Anime Mid-Atlantic 2014. Like many an anime con, AMA is a delightful place to be a respectful perv: I especially recall the rear of a lady in a spandex Evangelion plugsuit, the few scraps of black vinyl retaining the modesty of a lady wearing Ryuko’s Battle Mode Senketsu, and a girlfriend who encouraged me to look so I’d later pounce her that much more energetically.

On top of that, I spent the whole weekend in either a cheerleader outfit (from “Lucky*Star”) or a Japanese schoolgirl “fuku” (from “Kill la Kill”). Not only was I not mocked or shamed, but folks eagerly requested my picture, hugs, and fist-bumps all con. We even did lunch in costume, confirming my premise that all you need is a relaxed confident attitude for folks to react very positively.

Also, Stormy’s birthday fell on this weekend, and a cake was duly sacrificed. Very little of it got eaten… at least from plates. Thank goodness the pink icing didn’t stain as much as it briefly looked like it would. And of course, when a PVC maid dress has irreparable damage, you can’t give it a better send-off than a coating of icing and crushed cake!

I hope your weekend was a blast too!

TIED: All Wrapped Up and In the Bag

June 10th, I did my Plastic Encasement demo for TIED. Years ago when I originally moved out to Hampton Roads, I found the TIED folks and finally began my journey into BSDM as it’s practiced in real life as opposed to in Internet wank-fantasies. (There’s something to be said for many such fantasies, but it’s a mistake to take them as a template for reality.) So, I have a special place in my heart for this bunch.

So, after a brief introduction and a little audience interaction, I started things off by pallet-wrapping one of the demo bottoms. She’d been wrapped before, and much of the audience was already familiar with such scenes, but everyone seemed to enjoy it anyway. I answered some questions and acknowledge some thoughts, and fondled (consensually) her a bit for good measure through the thin layers.

I think the audience found the second segment a bit more novel. After stripping away the red plastic, I slipped her into a trash bag tunic (prepared ahead of time) which I taped tightly between her legs. Then came the trash bag straitjacket, with the neat bows at chin and spine; and finally the 55-gallon bag engulfed our brave demo bottom!

She rustled around a bit, able to see little and move less, while audience members quizzed her about her sensations and me about the practicalities. I have to say, having a willing lady trapped in my bags and openly enjoying the experience made it difficult to remain professional; ah, the trials of a kink educator. Of course, some previously-negotiated plastic groping occurred, purely in the cause of demonstration, I promise. No one in the room had any complaints!

The evening drew on, though, so I reluctantly let her out and demonstrated my latex vac bed with the second demo bottom, and an audience member after that. The bed’s been temperamental lately, so I was relieved that it worked properly and gave both ladies its tightest embrace. (Sure, latex isn’t plastic encasement. No one complained about that either.) and with that, we wrapped up (ha) the evening.

I had a blast, as did the demo bottoms, and I think the audience did too. Thanks again to TIED for inviting me: I relished the chance to say hi to some friends I hadn’t seen in ages. And I relished the opportunity to teach again; I love running my classes, and the last one happened months ago.

Can’t wait for the next time I get to wrap, bag, pie, or gunge someone in (semi-) public!

Wrapped, Bagged, and Packed at TIED

Tuesday night (the 10th) I’ll be at TIED in Chesapeake, VA demonstrating all the fun of plastic encasement play! I’m really looking forward to pulling the pallet wrap and trash bags for the very first group to welcome me when I moved to this area. My SLYX latex vac bed is likely to make an appearance, and I may even bring the Subbie Storage Trash Can if I can find the key to the padlock. (I mean, it would just be awful to be locked in there for ever, right? just awful.)

I’m looking forward to having some fun with my demo bottoms, and with luck encouraging a little audience participation as well! If you’re eligible to attend, I hope you can make it!

Rearranging the Furniture

Ideas for a shoot are cheap: I must have a dozen right now. Even if I leave out the scenarios which are completely impossible due to the laws of physics, lack of winning million-dollar lottery tickets, or risk of physical injury; I’ve still got plenty.

But as the previous sentence implied, even the simpler shoots aren’t cheap, and that’s why the long dry spell since “Indiscretion”. Oh, I could sit a lady in a wading pool, pour slime over her, and move on; but many of my wonderful colleagues are already doing a fine job producing those. The messpians of PieWorks get their kicks putting on a little show!

With all that in mind, I’ve decided to move on. Not from PieWorks, mind you! Improving my own standard of living improves my ability to invest in new productions and bring you the silly shiny mess you’ve come to expect. Besides, I’ve been missing out on too many kink events over the last year. So, it’s new employment time; for this and other good reasons, I’ll be moving around 200 miles as soon as I’ve got a firm offer.

This also gives me the opportunity to move closer to my girlfriend, who’s been invaluable help behind the scenes for a while (and maybe in front of the camera soon). On a note complete free of pervery, I’ll also be closer to my mom: I’m not young, and she’s obviously less so, so this is a Good Thing. Life chaos may stimulate creativity, but a little stability helps us do something with it!

The last few years have been a bumpy ride at best. Here’s to a 2014 with a lot more fun, a lot more film, and a lot more pies!

Decadence: Rubber Ball 2014

This Saturday I’m heading down to the Decadence mini-event in Greensboro, NC to introduce the audience to the joys of latex and PVC! We’ll have costumes, liquid latex, and two – count ’em, two – vac beds to play in!

What is Decadence?

Decadence is public play party with a club feel – hot music, hot environs, oodles of play equipment, and new themes each time.

For April we’re bringing down shiny-slick special guest Shokolada to get the party started. Known as much for his closets of fab latex frocks as for his classes, Shokolada will be chatting about latex, answering your questions, and sliding all interested parties into his vac bed.

Afraid they don’t have an outfit (or just can’t have enough latex)? We’ll have liquid latex on hand to get you into theme.

So if you’ll be in the area, drop on by – we’d love to see you!

Decadence: Rubber Ball

Happy Pi Day 2014

Happy Pi Day, everyone! Do something irrational today!

Mistress Messiér demonstrates the art of the pie sandwich on Maya Kralovna at the Debauchery 2013 messyplay demo. Mistress Messiér and Maya Kralovna exchange simultaneous pies at the Debauchery 2013 messyplay demo. Mistress Messiér makes a pudding angel on the floor while pies are dropped on her face at the Debauchery 2013 messyplay demo. Thoroughly pied and covered, Mistress Messiér and Maya Kralovna wrestle playfully in the goop at the Debauchery 2013 messyplay demo.

Harassment at Arisia

Arisia is a science-fiction convention in New England which takes its name from the remote, mysterious guiders of Galactic Civilization in the “Lensman” books. As such, I find it interesting how they handled a harassment report at their convention.

Read the LiveJournal reports – you may find them interesting. I’d like to see this as a model for all the fan cons and kink events I attend, and the idea seems to be getting more popular. May the Arisians’ example continue to guide us 🙂

Girls With Slingshots Cameo

I made a guest appearance in today’s Girls With Slingshots webcomic!

That is indeed me, by the way. I’ve met Danielle at Katsucon and Intervention (both awesome cons, BTW) and she’s a lovely, fascinating woman. So I’m glad to score a cameo spot.

Hard to imagine someone in 2014 who doesn’t check their e-mail for a month, but that’s Hazel!

MarsCon: Erotic Fairy Tale Rewrite

The first “Adult Track” panel on Friday night at MarsCon consisted of the assembled writers each being told to pick a fairy tale. The audience gave each of us four elements to incorporate into an erotic re-write of the fairy tale, and they played MadLibs with the host while were were given about 30 minutes to perform our revision. Perhaps mine’s a little silly, but one should expect that from me!

Without any editing, this is what my flickering fingers produced on my tablet in that half-hour.

The Tale: Hansel and Gretel

The New Elements: Dominatrix – Interrupting people in the act – In the bathroom – A candy cane

The Story: One day, Hansel and Gretel (totally legally-aged for the purposes of this story) were out in the woods with their stepmother. It was a hot, muggy day, and soon they found themselves drowsy, so their stepmother suggested they all lie down in a clearing for a nap.

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PieWorks 2013 DVD Release

Five DVD cases displaying the "PieWorks 2013" cover art.

Obviously, I work almost exclusively in digital media, which is to say YouTube views and Internet downloads. However, once in a while for special events, I’ll produce DVD copies of some of our work for sale or giveaway.

This recent weekend, I appeared at MarsCon in Williamsburg, VA to appear on their erotica and adult panels (and separately to do a comedy performance on stage) and thought I’d bring along some samples of my work for sale and signing.

I have to say, I took enormous satisfaction from holding physical evidence of all our hard work in my hands. Digital media is wonderful, but sometimes it’s missing a certain tangibility.

Can’t wait to make these DVDs completely out of date with new shoots this year!