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Chocolate Covered Cheryl

— by Chaos — Cheryl called me up and said she had another messy surprise for me. We chatted a while, discussing our maple syrup adventure. I tried to get Cheryl to tell me what the surprise was, but she would only say, “Be here at 7:00, or I’ll start without you!”. It was about …

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The Quiz Show

— by Burnett — You are standing on stage naked. You just lost the stripping round of the game. The gorgeous girl you are competeing against laughs at you. Naked in front of an entire audience of women. They all came just to watch you be humiliated. They think you couldn’t possibly win. The host …

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Abandoned Town

— by Anonymous — One morning you wake up to find that your entire town has been evacuated and that you are the only person left. At first you are terrified and cannot imagine what has happened. But then you realize all of the empty shops and factories that are now vacant and filled with …

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