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Another Bag In The Pile

— by Shokolada — It was dark in here, really dark. My eyes were covered twice over and the lights would be off anyway – it’s rare these days to be swallowed up by that much black. Thankfully it didn’t smell bad in here… most of what I could smell was my own body, and …

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Messy Birthday 2007

Shokolada sitting in a big trash bag, covered in pie and pudding

This is by far the most popular picture I’ve ever posted on FetLife. I’ve got to do it again sometime soon… it was so amazing the first time! Here’s how it went down: Imagine a dessert list with 25 whipped cream pies — 4 buckets each full of a different color of cake batter — …

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Cream Pie Delight

— by Mark — She looked at me from across the room with a knowing smile and walked confidently over to me. “Do you find the way I look attractive”, she asked looking directly into my eyes. I managed a weak nod of my head … but no words. “Let me help”, she offered. “Could …

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Last Orders

— by Anonymous — It’d been a great night out. At ten o’clock Emma mentioned that she was quite hungry and suggested we have a late meal at her favourite restaurant that was nearby. We were greeted at the restaurant by an athletic looking girl in her late twenties; she had a gorgeous blonde bob …

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