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Framing Your Mess

A few lovely folks have recently asked me what we used to hold up the big trash bag for my birthday sploshing and for the Bakery Trash video seen elsewhere on this site. Well, I have to say, it was pretty exotic, expensive, and customized to our needs… I went over to the Wal-Mart and …

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Messy Birthday 2007

Shokolada sitting in a big trash bag, covered in pie and pudding

This is by far the most popular picture I’ve ever posted on FetLife. I’ve got to do it again sometime soon… it was so amazing the first time! Here’s how it went down: Imagine a dessert list with 25 whipped cream pies — 4 buckets each full of a different color of cake batter — …

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Dark Odyssey: Fusion

The camping gear’s all packed up in the car. I’m on my way at oh-cthulhu-hundred tomorrow to Dark Odyssey: Fusion 2011, the outdoor kink convention. I expect to perv out, possibly geek out, and quite likely get a bit of sunburn where most folks generally don’t (*double-checks that the sunscreen lotion got packed*). I’m sure …

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Playing Dress-Up

When I’m not covering playmates with goop, or sealing them up to be set by the curb, I do a little acting and costume to relax. Of course, some costumes are a natural for the kink world, and others can be made to fit nicely in the right scene. When it comes to kink, I’m …

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30 Seconds Later: Poof!

I removed the Tag Cloud widget from the sidebar ’cause I just didn’t like how it looked on the page. If people were using it a whole lot, let me know and I’ll see if I can re-integrate it into the site somehow. Also, geek points to whoever can tell me the origin of the …

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Creamy Pied

Now the messing’s all done It might just have been fun For the ladies who’re now Creamy Pied. Couldn’t sleep tonight, so I wrote out the script / stage directions for our Portal spoof skit. Totally doable, with our versions of Chell, the Cube, and GLaDOS… but after model fees, costumes, props, and materials, probably …

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Next shoot pre-production

My schedule change is making me so happy; now that I have weekends back, I can move forward with some of my projects for the Mess. For example: today I picked up the first supplies for a test shoot on Saturday. If the test shoot goes well, we’ll do a real shoot next, and maybe …

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Bakery Trash for Pi Day

Today is 3.14, of course, so it’s time for some pi[e]! [qt:/movies/bakery-trash-480×320.m4v /gfx/bakery-trash-poster.jpg /movies/bakery-trash-480×320.m4v 480 320] Here’s a little something we’ll never release… submissive Cinnamon helps clean up the desserts. Messy play, plastic encasement, and a few shots of my boy bits 😛

Commence Modular Transformation

After many years of modifying the site by hand, and falling farther and farther behind in the process, I’m moving the site to WordPress. It will look a little generic for a while, but I’ve got plans for the graphics, and in the meantime I’ll be adding back all your favorite stories, pictures, and even …

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Trash Bag Maid’s Dress

How to make an official “Shokolada’s Mess” trash bag maid’s dress! Take a black plastic trashbag, and cut a half-moon shape out of the sealed end – the neck will go here. Cut a thin slice from each corner where the arms will emerge. Take a white plastic trashbag, and cut the sealed end off. …

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