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Catering to Her Desires

— by Shokolada — When Linda walked in the room, she wore nothing but panties cut from a black plastic bag and the type of disposable plastic apron often seen in food service. Cameron, on the other hand, was wearing nothing at all, and he caught his breath at the glorious fetish sight of her. …

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Dessert Glass

— by Shokolada — Cameron looked up from the chess game. He’d finally gotten a pawn across the board, and the introduction of another queen had saved his game at the last minute. He let an evil grin spread across his face, and said, “You know what this means, don’t you?” Linda knew very well. …

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Gunge Bondage

— by Shokolada — Linda approached the doorway with trepidation. When she’d lost the bet last night on the tennis match, Linda knew that the next night would be sexy, sticky, and a little unusual. Cameron was the first man she’d ever met who was into messy sex with pies and chocolate; while she’d learn …

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