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The Neighbor’s Secret

— by Lckdnrbbr — She found me in her trashcan. It wasn’t my fault! She’s got one of those nice, big bins, and the company I use gave me one of those dinky cans. I guess I made a little bit too much noise getting in, because I’d only been in there about 15 minutes …

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Trash of the Magi

Waiting patiently to be put out at the curb

— by lckdnrbbr — Times are tough. Perhaps that goes without saying, but for Delia and Jim, it was doubly true. They’d both just been laid off. They’d met quite a few years back at a local bondage club, and had hit it off immediately. Both Delia and Jim were switches, and their kinks overlapped …

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Found Bagged

— by Gromet — My second trashbag story, combining my love of self bondage and discovery, along with being objectified and bagged – hope you enjoy. I had the day to myself, a rare day off during the working week and my wife was working today, the house was mine. After eating breakfast and some …

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