Trashbag Play F.A.Q.

  • What is "Plastic Trashbag Play"?
  • Trashbag Play means using the polyethylene bags you find in a grocery store for fetish clothing and for bondage purposes. Folks with plastic fetishes, folks who love encasement play, and folks who just like to see shiny material on a body get into this a lot. You can find plenty of people wearing trash bags by searching Flickr and DeviantArt websites!

  • Is this breathplay?
  • You can get a fairly good airtight seal with the plastic used in these bags. Don't. Really: don't. Yes, it's true, some people play that way. Here at Shokolada's Mess, though, we are big fans of air holes! Play safe, to play again another day!

  • Some of these stories involve real trash - isn't that a little nauseating?
  • Not for everyone... or sometimes, the ick factor is part of the fun for the author. In real life play, though, there are serious hygiene issues to consider, and most folks aren't too turned on by stuff that's been out of the fridge too long. If you're going to go that route, stick to clean, safe 'trash' chosen ahead of time for the play.

  • What's so great about it?
  • As fetish outfit material, trashbags are glossy and thin, clinging to curves and sensual on the skin. Designers on the fashion show "Project Runway" have twice used trash bags as working material. For encasement play, trashbags provide a wonderful sense of confinement, one that has a certain feel of permanence to it even when it really won't be. Again, the feeling of the material on skin can be very sensual; and the threat of air loss is sometimes powerfully exciting, even though we won't be doing that, right?

    Either way, trash bags have another advantage; they are cheap and disposable, and little is lost if one's cut or torn for a scene, or made messy in any way. Toss it and pull out another!

  • What kinds of bags do people use?
  • 13-gallon kitchen can bags make nice sleeveless t-shirts, or thin clingy briefs with a little scissor work. 30-gallon trash bags are easily turned into tunics, or instant straitjackets when only leg holes are made. The 55-gallon liners found at some grocery stores, most mega-marts, and home improvement stores are big enough to contain an average-sized person completely! (Remember the air!) Many other sizes show up on the web and are adapted for various uses by creative kinksters.

  • There's gotta be safety issues here, aren't there?
  • We've covered a couple. Continued breathing is paramount, and real trash can pose health risks. Otherwise, standard bondage cautions apply: plastic wrapped tight enough may cut off blood flow, extended immobilization can be physically punishing, and the like. Playing in dumpsters or compactors is popular - at least to fantasize about - but poses obvious dangers. We can't repeat this enough: Play Safe!

  • How come this has appeared on a messyplay site?
  • Trashbag play goes great with messy play. Shiny disposable clothes for a pie fight, or tossing a poor victim into the trash with the accumulated goo of cleanup. Two great kinks that go great together!

  • Interesting. Are there other sites where I can learn more?
  • Oh, yes indeed! Check out our Trashbag Links!

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