Would you like a messy dessert play demo or plastic encasement presentation for your event? I speak on a number of topics, and audience participation is always a favorite! I currently offer these classes:

Shok getting covered in cakes, pies, pudding, and batter on his birthday

Make Me (into) a Cake: Messy Dessert Play

Learn the dos, don’ts, whys, and whynots of covering your playmate in tasty goop! Shokolada discusses the sensuality, origin, and pure fun factor of messy dessert play in this class. He includes how-to tips and tricks, plus safety precautions and cleanup hints, encouraging folks to try this at home! This presentation can be an audio/visual show but is much more popular as a demo involving one or two assistants, and sometimes even audience participation!

IMPORTANT NOTE: This extremely popular demo is quite messy, and requires the venue to provide a protectable demo space, nearby cleanup facilities (such as showers), and either supplies for sploshing the demo bottoms (list provided), or funds to purchase same.

Shok bagged up before his top throws him into the trash :)

Wrapped, Bagged, and Packed: Plastic Encasement

Time to prepare the submissives for storage! Shokolada discusses mummification, bondage, and encasement using the common household supplies of plastic wrap, trash bags, duct tape, and zip ties. This presentation places an emphasis on safety and fun, with added discussions of objectification, head games, and edge play. This class includes a demonstration segment involving one or two demo bottoms, and audience participation is often encouraged. A latex vacuum bed is sometimes available for additional encasement demonstration.

Shok dressed as singer Sheryl Nome from Macross Frontier

Secrets of Proud Crossdressing: Does This Make Me Look Scared?

BDSM tradition often considers crossdressers to be restricted to roles such as sissies, transgendered folk, and the forcibly feminized. Shokolada shows how kinky reality includes those roles and continues beyond them, with identities such as genderqueers, role-players, gendergamers, fashion plates, and more. Don’t let the dress or the pants control you – make your clothes part of who you are! Attendees are encouraged to wear their favorite gender-crossing clothing, as this class often turns into an impromptu fashion show.

Shok dressed as a PVC version of the anime character Sailor Mars

Fetish Hits the Fan: Kink in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Fandom

Today’s society includes a subculture of folks in exotic clothes, wickedly sharp weapons, a taste for expensive toys, and a delight in taking in pain and handing it out; but that’s the Klingons for you. Shokolada examines the common threads in the kink lifestyle and science-fiction/fantasy fandom, and their increasing tendency to overlap. When aftercare includes a discussion over whether Han shot first or Pluto is still a planet; when more and more folks show up at Comic-Cons wearing PVC or latex; well, then it’s more than an organization, it’s a movement!

Behind the scenes of a shoot

Shooting Your Own Video Porn: You and Me and 720p

They say that pornography drives the technology of video, and nowhere is it more obvious than in the Internet age, where one can be writer, actor, director, and producer all at once. Shokolada shares some tips, tricks, and traps from his continuing career as a part-time professional pornographer: from better-looking productions on the cheap to today’s legal, ethical and privacy matters. If you’d like to improve your homemade porn, but don’t know a CCD from an h.264 codec, this is a presentation to watch!

Art of a Discordian Sacred Chao, somewhat like a yin-yang

Discordianism and Kink: Serious Silly Sexy Business

Discordianism teaches that the human experience is fundamentally ridiculous, and the best way to cope with chaos is to embrace it and make it work for you rather than to super-glue false order atop it. Shokolada will talk about the tendency to take our kink and fetish life so seriously that the fun and the sexy disappear to be replaced with greyfaced inflexibility and worry. This is a discussion of lifestyle philosophy, so bring your ideas and experiences and be prepared to listen to everyone else’s!

If you think any of these classes would be a good fit for your event, please contact me at to discuss the practicalities. I’m happy to travel with proper arrangements, and put on a very good show!

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