Messy Dessert F.A.Q.

  • What is “Messy Dessert Play”?

    Messy play involves covering someone or being covered in food, mud, soap, or any other fun substance our parents told us we weren’t supposed to play in. Some people include “wet t-shirt”-type soakings in this. On this site, we’re sticking to stuff you might have for dessert! Like most erotic activities, there are lots of names for this, including gunging, sploshing, dessert play, and WAM (wet-andmessy). People into this kink often call themselves sploshers or WAMmers.

  • What is it not?

    Our messy play does not include bodily wastes or fluids. We’re just about yummy sugary-sweet stuff!

  • Do people really do this?

    Oh, yes, lots of ’em. It’s not hard to find all sorts of websites devoted to this. People sell videos and DVDs, and there’s even a British magazine devoted to the subject!

  • What’s so great about it?

    Messy play involves all the senses: the sight of someone wearing only whipped cream, the sound of glop squishing against skin and dripping to the floor, the smooth, slippery, and sticky feel of the goo, and even pleasant smells and tastes. It’s sensual in the true meaning of the term. Furthermore, it’s a very mainstream kink. Characters on TV and movies make jokes about it often, and sometimes follow through on screen, though WAMmers like to use quantities that TV usually won’t. It’s well-known enough that it’s one of the easier things to get a partner to try.

  • What kinds of stuff do people use?

    Anything that tastes good to them! My personal preference is for things related to dessert: for instance, pie tins heaped tall with whipped cream, Sam’s Club cans of pudding, and bowls of cake or brownie batter. Some British WAMmers like to use molasses, custard, and trifle (a cream-based dessert).

  • Are there any risks?

    The worst risk is slipping on a cream-covered floor and hurting yourself! The silver lining is that you’re not going to shock rescue workers – they’ve seen weirder things than that. But seriously, even some substances that are safe to eat can irritate sensitive skin – experiment a little. If you really want to use a potential irritant, be prepare to wipe it away quickly. Though it’s fun to have a completely covered face for a short time, you’ll want to clear off the eyes, nose, and mouth before very long to avoid irritation and smothering. In enthusiastic play, a little gunge in the rectal area isn’t going to hurt anything, but try not to get too much sugary goo in the vagina: it can lead to yeast infections. If you want to combine sex and sploshing, there are pleasant and convenient ways to clean tasty messes from the penis and vagina (I hope I don’t have to draw a picture, here). Oh, if you’ve done this properly, be prepared to find small dry dollops of goop for the next day or two, lurking in the ears for example. 🙂

  • What should I wear?

    Well, your birthday suit is a good start! If that seems chilly, or low fashion, PVC clothing is easy to clean up afterwards; and outfits of trash bags, saran wrap, and/or duct tape can be disposed of afterward without guilt. If you wear latex, clean it quickly; oily food can damage the material after a while. Some folk like to wear regular clothes, even going as far as fancy, expensive stuff. There are two options here; accept that it will be ruined (which can be naughty in itself, and thrift stores are good sources of fancy but cheap clothes) or throw it in the wash immediately and hope for the best! A friend of mine who makes splosh videos has been amazed at the number of chocolate-stained outfits he’s rescued.

  • Any other preparations?

    You might want to cover the floor and nearby furniture with tarps of some kind. If pies and gunge are going to land with any force, it’s not a terrible idea to cover the walls, too – those little dollops of whipped cream can travel! Make sure you have towels and damp washcloths nearby, and don’t forget to cover a path to the shower stall for cleanup. With careful planning, I’ve been able to finish a scene, wash off, and ball everything up in the floor tarp in less than an hour without leaving a drop of chocolate anywhere.

  • So how does this all relate to BDSM?

    This is an activity full of power exchange! “I am going to do this to you and
    you must sit and take it. I can make you look foolish and feel uncomfortable at my whim.” It can certainly be part of a humiliation scene, or a punishment. Multiple subs can be made to mess each other, then clean up the destruction they’ve caused. There’s certainly plenty of opportunity for role-playing here, as a maid or waitress for example. It fits well in light-hearted BDSM scenes: there’s an unavoidable element of comedy involved, and I’ve been in more than one scene where formality broke down and the top ended up as messy as the bottom, with a great deal of giggling going on.

  • Interesting. Are there other sites where I can learn more?

    Good friends of mine operate a couple of web sites I’ll recommend. The best-known site for erotic messy videos is Messy Fun which caters to many kinds of messing. There is a pie fight on their tape MFV-10 that is considered a classic of fetish mess! No sexual activity appears on their tapes. Finally, the Ultimate Messy Directory is an attempt to link it all. Story sites, picture sites, professional and amateur video sites, for all kinds of sploshing. They have everything!

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