“Miku SenPie” available for download!

We were hoping to announce both the UMD and Clips4Sale downloads yesterday, but UMD was absolutely overwhelmed with submissions and is still processing ours. Should have seen that coming, really. So until then, check out the C4S version available now! “Miku SenPie” at Clips4Sale

Decades of Mess

Waiting for “Miku SenPie” to post? Free on Pie Day 2023, enjoy the “Decades of Mess” video we created for last year’s Messtival UK!

Making a mess of things since the early 2000s!

“Popipo – What?”

New performer Poison brings international computer-generated singing star Miku to PieWorks for a song! Check out the trailer, and get the video tomorrow on Pie Day 3.14!

Sudden Cravings

“Some Maladies Need Tasty Treatment!”

Lucky Leaf has a doctor’s office appointment to discuss the odd cravings she’s had since delivering her baby–and the translucent white plastic bag patient gown doesn’t hide much. Luckily for her health, PVC nurse Merry Metrics plans to introduce her to a bold new treatment of whipped cream pies and chocolate cake batter! This messy video, delayed for months by covid-19, is now finally available for download and includes our first topless content!

Peril of the Pandemic Pies – IN 3D!!!!

On Pi(e) Day, after a planned shoot fell through, some friends and I spent what would be one of our last social-nearness days using the prepared supplies to shoot an emergency script with a lot of laughs: Pie’ndemic! The performers were brand-new to pie-play and I know Valencia is looking forward to her next opportunity!

BUT! Simultaneously, I shot 3D footage for the first time ever! And after a week of struggling with software I’d never used before, I have posted Pie’ndemic VR to my store on the UMD! I’m super pleased with the results – it absolutely is like being on the set with the ladies dodging pies! I’ve tested it on a 3D gaming headset and on my phone with a Google Cardboard viewer and it looks amazing.

The scene should be ready for purchase within 24 hours or so, but you can get a taste now with the trailer on YouTube! The trailer is 3D-enabled, so you can pan around the scene with your browser or try it out on Cardboard or headset. Let me know what you think!

A Pie’ndemic Is Upon Us!

Since the “Sudden Cravings” shoot was postponed by the coronavirus, I struck back the only way I knew how: with the supplies already purchased and two pie-newbies! Are you prepared for the cannolivirus?

“Pie’ndemic” is available for the special pie-solation price of $5 from my UMD Store, and via the PieWorks Video Store on chocmess.com (which takes you to the same place).

If you and I have talked about modeling for PieWorks, you can watch the full version for free at the PieWorks Private Theater. Message me if you’ve lost the link!

In these difficult times, it’s remarkably comforting to have professionals like Valencia and GirlDynamic on the case! The ladies give us a messy briefing on cannolivirus using cream pies and yellow and chocolate cake batter for demonstration. Spokesperson GirlDynamic’s long white coat is destroyed while nurse Valencia wears a red PVC dress for extra protection!

Filmed on Pi(e) Day 2020, 3/14!

*Coronavirus is very serious. But we still have to have fun!

Filming Postponed

Friday the Fucking Thirteenth, man.

Tomorrow’s sploshing shoot is CANCELED due to coronavirus concerns. Our models are still eager to entertain you and the shoot will be rescheduled ASAP. All Patreon pledges will still be honored once the rescheduled shoot is done!


There’s still time for you to pledge to the Patreon and score some sweet swag! http://patreon.com/shokolada

Someone Collared to Me

Yesterday I remarked about the startling suggestion that I might accept the collar of someone I hadn’t even met in person/. I’m a bottom who is exploring submission and little space and I’m the last person in the world who would have a slave.

Or… am I?

I have fantasized since puberty of having a woman (let’s be honest, multiple women) with a consensual obligation to do anything I say. Obviously, those were almost always kinky sex fantasies. (“Alice and Bridget: strip naked, don transparent trash bag dresses, and start a pie fight with each other.”)

But I’m not that naive. Accepting someone’s collar involves more than having them perform for me. As I understand it, I’d become responsible for them; their welfare would be a prime concern. It would be up to me to guide them and assist them and support them. And I already try to do all this in my intimate relationships, but in none of those do I have the power that comes with a M/s relationship.

So, I don’t know if I’m a good fit for this. I’d hate to be a bad master to someone who meant that much to me. If it ever happened, it would have to be with someone patient and mature who understood my limitations and helped me with those as I helped them with their own. That sounds pretty good, honestly, but I don’t know how often it happens in real life.

However, my hormones would like everyone to know that I’m still accepting applications for ladies I can order into my kinky sex fantasies on a regular basis.

Plasma Pies Re-Trailered

Full video available at http://shokolada.umd.net *or* FREE for $25 tier and higher patrons of our “Sudden Cravings” Patreon

Sammie Eden returns to PieWorks after an absence of years–and this time in glorious hi-definition! Remastered using sophisticated AI-driven graphics software, the original 480p clip now shines on your screen in 1080p! 

Red-headed video-game bounty hunter “Sammie Eden” arrives at a weapons lab to test her new suit of armor (a short, tight, shiny blue PVC dress), but is doubtful of its effectiveness. The off-screen weapons designer and her lab assistant subject Sammie to “weaponry” such as pies, cake batter, pudding, and a layer cake, all in the name of science!