Deanna 1: Hell Hath No Fury…

— by Robyn —

Deanna’s Messy Adventures 
Episode 1: Hell Hath No Fury…

Monday! It seemed to start out even more depressing than the day before and the day before that. It had been just over three weeks since Deanna had heard from her boyfriend, Ian McDonnell. Their romance had been going so beautifully, Deanna thought. Ian had been talking in “long term commitments” and even hinted at an engagement. But the sudden lack of contact from him suggested that he no longer valued their relationship.

Deanna was generally viewed by anyone who saw her as the quintessential model. Her beautiful long, dark blonde hair flowed to the small of her back. Her drop-dead, knockout looks were the envy of all the women and the desire of every man. The package was undeniably gorgeous. A statuesque figure with long, lean legs, firm, rounded breasts, slim hips and a flat, sexy tummy. Surely she is a rare gem of great worth. However, with her recent heartache, Deanna felt utterly valueless.

Each moment was a struggle since that Friday night when Ian was supposed to take Deanna out but never showed up or called. It was just… over. The way that the relationship had been so rudely torn apart caused a mix of emotions. Sometimes she wanted to cry. Other times she wanted revenge, in a big way.

This morning felt like a, “get even day” but Deanna knew she couldn’t dwell on such negative emotions. She had her job to tend to and hoped that keeping busy at, “Kelly’s Bakery Delights,” would help her make it through this most difficult time.

Deanna threw on her typical work outfit, a pair of khaki pants, a plain, white T-shirt with white sneakers and headed out the door. As she approached the store front Deanna saw a note taped on the door. It was from her boss, Kelly Merrico. Kelly apologized about forgetting to inform Deanna about a 2-day conference that she was to attend. Unfortunately she needed to be there and expressed her confidence in Deanna that she could take care of things at the store.

Very few customers walked in since Kelly specialized in catered events and stocking select restaurants. There were no pressing issues, just the usual number of pies and cakes to make for upcoming deliveries. Deanna had done this a hundred times before. It was no big deal. But she didn’t like being alone today. Emotionally she wasn’t ready for that sort of responsibility with everything else going on in her life.

Deanna went to work mixing up batter for the cakes and filling for the pies. Everything was going smoothly and her spirits were starting to lift. After a couple of hours creating the few delicious confections without interruptions she was way ahead of her normal schedule. Deanna looked around the room and stared at the bowls full of sweet concoctions and already made pies.

At the pace she’d been going she could afford to take a short break. In those free moments of time alone she had an overwhelming feeling that this was too good to be true.

The pain of Ian’s departure came rushing back in and Deanna was sure that her bad luck could not possibly be over yet. Little did she know how right she was.

The little bell on the door signaled the entry of a customer. Deanna hoped it was someone who was lost and needed directions. She could head them off in the right direction as quickly as possible and get back to feeling sorry for herself.

She slowly came out to the display floor and two beautiful women greeted her. Neither looked as if they were lost, however. Both were beautifully adorned and the expressions on their faces indicated that they seemed a little too snobbish yet quite sure that this is where they needed to be. Deanna surmised that they were rather wealthy by their demeanor.

The slightly older of the two women wore a pretty, navy colored sun dress with a low, white portrait collar and matching cloth belt tied in a bow at the back. She appeared to be in great shape. The tailored dress synched perfectly around her lovely figure. Her accessories were a pearl necklace and earring set.

The other woman was younger and dressed in a sexier but still beautiful outfit. She wore a snugly fitting mid-thigh length white skirt with a pink short-sleeved sweater that hugged the contours of her appealing body. She wore a set of silver loops on her ears.

Both women had light brown hair and each stood about Deanna’s height in their white, high-heel shoes. Their shapely, bare legs planted in a rather defiant stance.

“May I help you” Deanna inquired?

“I should think so,” said the first lady. “ My name is Margaret and this is my lovely daughter, Veronica. We have an appointment to select pastries for an engagement party. Veronica has just landed a wonderful man! The party will be held this Friday. Will you be able to meet that deadline?”

Deanna felt a wave of despair. The last thing she needed was a couple of snooty ladies making her feel even more depressed. Remarks about Veronica’s “perfect man” burned yet another hole in her heart. How much more sorrow could empty out of her? These two women and their honey dripping engagement story were going to deepen the emptiness in her heart.

“I’m sorry, ladies, but the owner is not here today” Deanna replied, trying not to give a hint as to her true feelings. “Perhaps you should come back in a couple of days and talk with Kelly Merrico. She’s the boss and is better equipped to handle your questions. I really don’t know too much about the ordering and financial portions of the business. I just do the baking.”

“Oh, I’m afraid we can’t wait any longer,” Veronica said forcefully. “We only have a few days before the party. We must put our order in now! Margaret moved a couple of steps closer to Deanna and with a disdainful look on her face said, “My dear, this is a rather important event in a young woman’s life. I’m not going to let you spoil this wonderful moment for my daughter by your inability to perform your duties! This catering service came highly recommended and I want only the best for my daughter and soon to be son-in-law.”

“Have you ever been engaged,” Margaret coldly asked? Both women looked at Deanna’s left hand and eyed the missing ring. “Apparently not,” Veronica said flatly. The words burned like hot coals inside Deanna. She wanted to run away and hide but also leap forward to punch both of them at the same time.

Deanna convinced herself this was not a personal attack from these two women. She was determined to be more professional and civil than they had been. Regaining her composure she said, “I understand. If you’ll please come with me to the kitchen I’ll let you view our catalog. You can even taste some of the samples previously prepared. Since I’m the only one here today I need to continue my work. Will that be satisfactory?”

Margaret and Veronica both seemed to come down from their high horses for a moment and almost looked apologetic. They accepted Deanna’s invitation and all three women made their way to the kitchen area. Deanna pulled out two chairs for the women and cleared off a spot on the table. She brought out a large three-ring binder that held photos of the specialties for which, “Kelly’s Bakery Delights” was famous. Fortunately each of the items had prices for various quantities along with other information. That would make Deanna’s job a little easier.

“You can look over the items here and mark down on this pad those items you wish to have delivered to the party,” Deanna explained. “If you have any other questions I’ll try to answer them as best I can but if it’s something I can’t help you with we’ll need to wait until I can contact Kelly. Usually the items in this catalog can be prepared and ready to go within a couple of days, which should work for you. If you’ll simply put your order in I’ll be sure to tell Kelly that this job is a high priority. If there should be a problem we’ll contact you right away. Will that be OK?”

“Well,” Margaret said hesitantly, “that seems acceptable”

“Fine,” Deanna said with some relief, “I’ll let you look over the catalog. I need to get back to work. If you need anything else just let me know.”

Deanna hoped they would quickly pick out the wanted items and leave. But the two women chatted painstakingly slow about each item in the catalog with drivel about the color, texture or price. Deanna tried to ignore their conversation but Veronica and Margaret’s voices carried just loudly enough for her to hear them clearly no matter where she went or what she did. She was becoming annoyed.

And then, like a clap of thunder out of a clear, blue sky, she heard the name of the man who was causing such agony in her life. Veronica, in looking over a beautifully decorated wedding cake said, “Oh, Ian would never want a cake like that at our wedding. He hates those little rosettes!”

Deanna spun around with a look of shock on her face. Her stares at Veronica and Margaret pierced like invisible laser beams and the two ladies felt it. They turned to face Deanna.

“Is there something you wanted, dear,” Margaret asked?

“Ian,” Deanna sputtered. “You said Ian. Is that your fiancée’s name, Veronica?”

“Yes,” she replied, “Ian McDonnell. Do you know him?”

“I, I…” Deanna tried hard to come to grips with the situation, but her mind was racing. This just couldn’t be happening. It was bad enough that he had, for all intense and purposes, dumped her. The fact that he would choose Veronica over herself was even worse. But to have the woman who stole her loved one come waltzing into this store and rub Deanna’s face into the suffering was unforgivable. Her emotions had reached the breaking point.

“You’re stuttering, girl. Are you having a seizure or something,” Margaret arrogantly inquired?

“Uh, no. I know Ian. I mean, I’ve heard of him.” Deanna recovered. “I… I thought Ian was dating someone else. Someone I know and it just seemed coincidental, that’s all.”

“I see,” Margaret retorted. “Well, apparently the girl who was dating Ian previously was some sort of whore. She couldn’t seem to keep her eyes from wandering to other boys!”

“Yes,” Veronica chimed in. “She’s really quite the slut. I suppose she got what she deserved. A perfect man like Ian should never be wasted on some tramp who doesn’t respect him or return the affection given.”

After unleashing those remarks Veronica and Margaret calmly went back to studying the catalog of items. But inside Deanna she was far from calm. Something snapped and Deanna shook with anger. The rage pushed out. Not through her mouth in a verbal defense and not through her hands to throttle these two horrid women, as one might expect. Instead, her rage went deep inside her mind and she quickly began plotting the perfect “pay-back.”

“That’s the last straw,” Deanna muttered under her breath. “I will not put up with this any longer.”

Deanna looked around at the roomful of pies, bowls of cake batter, fillings, whipped cream and frosting. She felt that, today, there would be a higher purpose for these items. No longer were they only for eating. They were also instruments of revenge.

Margaret and Veronica were so absorbed in picking out desserts they didn’t pay any attention to Deanna’s movements. And that was so much the better for Deanna. A calculated plan always works much better than an impulsive deed performed in the heat of passion.

Deanna contemplated the large bow tied at the back of Margaret’s dress. “Such a beautiful dress,” Deanna thought. “A pity to see it ruined. But, all is fair in love and war and the battle has begun.”

Deanna moved behind the two women and stood directly behind Margaret. She pretended to be interested in the items on the open page making some comments about how wonderful that particular delight tasted. This held Margaret’s attention well enough so she did not notice Deanna undoing her bow and tying the loose ends around the chair’s back posts. Then she walked to a storage cabinet and pulled out two long dishtowels and tied them together.

Deanna measured in her head that the length should be sufficient to go around pretty Veronica’s little waist and hold her in place. Standing behind Veronica, Deanna leaned over her and placed the towels directly in front of her on the table.

“Oh, those pies look wonderful! Don’t they,” Deanna asked? “Can’t you just picture yourself wearing one?”

And with that Deanna grabbed both ends of the dishtowel “rope” and pulled them past Veronica’s sides. The cloth neatly synched around her victim’s waist and Deanna quickly looped the ends around the chair’s back and tightly tied the dishtowel.

Veronica was so startled by Deanna’s smooth motions that she didn’t have time to react. Margaret jumped up to come to her daughter’s aid but the knotted bowstrings held her firmly in her chair. She flopped back down in place. The trap now sprung it was time for the fun to begin.

“What do you think you’re doing, you maniac!” Margaret screamed? “I demand that you release us before you get in real trouble!”

“I don’t think you’re in a position for making any demands, my dear Margaret,” Deanna said with touches of laughter and hatred in her voice. “I’m in command here!”

Deanna took a chocolate cream pie in each had and simultaneously pressed them into the ladies’ faces, finishing off with a little twist to set the goo in place.

The shock of the deed lasted a good five seconds before Margaret and Veronica realized what had happened. They reached up and pulled away the cream and chocolate from their eyes. Both wanted desperately to get up and retaliate (or at least run) but the restraints held them back and they feared this would become much worse before it ended.

Before they had finished clearing their eyes Deanna hit them with the second of her dishes; a pie to the back of the head. Only this time she pressed it in hard, grinding it around then wiping the pies down the full length of the ladies’ hair and onto their outfits.

The hair was matted down tight to their heads. There was deadly silence except for the heavy panting from Margaret and Veronica and the sound of chocolate pie plopping on the floor, and the ladies’ extravagantly adorned laps and chests.

Deanna pulled both chairs out allowing her the ability to walk completely around each victim. She stood before Margaret, and with bitterness and hurt in her voice said, “I am the woman who was dating Ian! And you, and your conniving little daughter, have been conspiring to steal him away. You two little witches will pay for coming between Ian and me!”

Deanna grabbed the front of Margaret’s low-cut dress and pulled it forward exposing the top of her breasts and the lacy, blue bra, which held them in place. Margaret grabbed Deanna’s arm to hold off the attack. But her assailant’s strength was being fueled by the passions of love and revenge and the combination was too much to overcome.

With her free hand Deanna picked up a large bowl of chocolate cake batter and emptied the entire contents into Margaret’s open dress.

Yelping with astonishment, Margaret felt the cool liquid fill up every crevice on her open front. At first the creamy, slippery mixture held in place but as it found paths of least resistance the batter slid down Margaret’s cleavage and the sides of her breasts to make its way deeper to her body. To help the process along Deanna pushed Margaret’s dress back into place then pressed and squeezed her chest with deliberate motion to force the liquid down into the dress.

“Is that the type of dessert you wanted at Veronica’s engagement party,” Deanna asked? “You should really have some sort of nice topping with that. I suggest vanilla!” Deanna picked up another large bowl of batter and with deadly accuracy began pouring the contents directly over Margaret’s head.

Deanna’s aim hit the exact point of watershed on Margaret and the liquid began flowing in equal directions and proportions around her head. Within a matter of seconds Margaret’s entire face and hair had been re-colored to a beautiful shade of yellow. Her lovely, facial features could still be recognized but now were painted with a new hue. The only variation on her face was the darkness of an open mouth expressing the shock held behind the sweet mask.

Deanna allowed the goo to drain off Margaret’s head and spill on the dress’s shoulders, back and front. Deanna felt quite satisfied with the results on victim number one. Now she turned her attention back to victim number two.

Deanna moved closer to Veronica who sat speechless with astonishment. She set five big cream pies on the table making sure they were within easy reach. With a sinisterly cold intensity she stared directly at Veronica.

In Deanna’s eyes Veronica saw the disdain and jealousy which she held for her. And Deanna saw the terror in Veronica’s. With these weighted words, each accentuated with a pie, Deanna delivered her message:

“I’m… (SPLAT) not (SPLAT) a (SPLAT) slut!” (SPLAT!!)

After each word Deanna landed a pie onto Veronica. The first one was another direct hit to the face using more twisting and grinding than before. The second pie again to the back of the head making sure that all of the goo was pressed deep into her hair. But it no longer resembled anything like hair, more like a large sheet of pie hanging from Veronica’s head.

The pie, which followed the third word, was placed directly on the top of Veronica’s head. Deanna rotated and rocked this around mashing it in to form a sticky mass. She suspected it removed the self-placed halo, which Veronica had worn.

The last word was received with a pie sandwich. Deanna took two pies, one in each hand, and smashed both of them to the sides of Veronica’s head then wiping them down to cover every inch.

“Let’s see if we can’t get you to match mother dearest a little better,” Deanna said. She grabbed another bowl of chocolate cake batter. She held open the front of Veronica’s once beautiful sweater and filled it with the cool substance.

Veronica squealed with shock as the liquid filled up her sweater. Deanna massaged Veronica’s large chest squeezing the batter around her body. The mixture began to ooze out through the pores of the sweater material and slosh over the neckline.

Veronica cleared the pie away from her eyes and looked down at the ruined outfit. She watched the multi-colored gunge run slowly down her slim body and pool into her lap. She couldn’t take this any longer and she struggled helplessly to untie herself from behind.

Seeing that Veronica was securely strapped in place Deanna chuckled a little. “Squirm all you want, my dear,” Deanna calmly stated. “You’ll only make the mess move farther down your body.”

Deanna once again turned her attention to Margaret. “Let’s see,” she mused, “what does little mummy need to stop her meddling in the affairs of others? I know, a big serving of humble pie!”

Deanna grabbed a banana cream pie, lifted up Margaret’s dress, spread her knees apart and pressed it squarely to that soft mound between her legs. She twisted and rotated the pie until Margaret’s panties were well soaked with the sweet mess. Then she took Margaret’s legs and forced them together.

Pie filling began to squirt out from under Margaret’s dress. The yellow mixture ran down her legs and onto her shoes.

“I hope that will teach you a lesson,” Deanna cried. “Your evil, back stabbing has stolen from me the man I love!”

Deanna decided that Veronica needed a piece of humble pie too. But in her case it should be a double dose. She walked to a rack, which held a number of pies and began searching for two full, cream pies.

While Deanna looked over the selection Veronica noticed the knot in front of her which held the dishtowels together. She ceased the work behind her and quickly pulled on the cords in front. After a couple of hard twists and pulls she opened up the bindings and freed herself.

Deanna, thinking her victims still securely bound in place, was taking her sweet time selecting the proper pies. At last, she found the perfect custard pies to do the job. When she turned to face Veronica, however, she was met with a bowl full of vanilla pudding dumped directly on her head.

Deanna was taken by surprise and in a state of shock. She stood motionless trying to make sense of what just happened. In that hesitation Veronica seized the moment. She grabbed both of Deanna’s hands and, using the two pies that were meant for her own decimation, released the custard on Deanna.

With a swift and solid motion Veronica raised Deanna’s hands to both sides of her head and forced her to deliver a pie sandwich to herself. With a squishing noise Deanna’s head was engulfed in a creamy, sticky layer of yellow custard. The excess falling down onto her T-shirt.

Still stunned with shock Deanna stepped back and began clearing the mass from her eyes to restore her vision. Veronica used that time to quickly free the bindings that captivated her mother.

Margaret jumped up from the chair and faced her former captor. Grabbing a nearby blueberry pie she slapped it onto Deanna’s chest. Wiping it around her breasts and tummy, Margaret continued to dirty Deanna’s once white, cotton top until its front was completely stained.

Veronica moved behind Deanna and grabbed both of her arms to keep her immobilized. Seeing her opportunity, Margaret grabbed a can of whipped cream and walked up to Deanna.

“You’ll be sorry you ever tangled with us, missy,” she hissed. “You lost your boyfriend because of your own, selfish actions. Now those same self-centered dealings are going to get you in trouble again. Prepare to meet your pay-back!”

Margaret pulled back the neckline of Deanna’s T-shirt. Sticking the can deep inside her shirt, she pressed the nozzle. The pressurized, white froth crackled as it escaped from its container. Deanna’s shirt began to billow outwards as the contents of the can were emptied onto her body.

Deanna gasped as the cold cream was layered upon her skin. The sensations were overwhelming. The touch of the cool topping on her bare skin; the low, rumbling sound of whipped cream as it ejected from the can; the dominating grasp of another woman holding her in place for punishment. All these effects made Deanna’s body tingle. The minute hairs throughout her body stood erect from stimulation.

Deanna squirmed to avoid the retaliation but it was no use. Veronica’s grip held her firm and Margaret continued to unload the gooey lather deep down her shirt. Within a matter of seconds the T-shirt had enlarged greatly about her upper torso. Margaret continued the onslaught of the creaming, moving her hand up Deanna’s shirt as the load of white goo rose up her body.

The container sputtered its last drops of whipped cream and Margaret pulled her hand out from Deanna’s shirt. Then she began rubbing Deanna’s chest working the whipped cream into every spot of her body, making sure nothing was left uncovered. Margaret began to massage around Deanna’s breasts and the excess whipped cream was forced upward spurting out from her neckline.

Veronica slyly smiled as the white mass rolled down Deanna’s T-shirt and onto her pants. “I think she’s still a little too hot for her britches!” she called to her mother.

“I believe you’re right,” responded Margaret, who walked back to the counter and grabbed a bowl of vanilla cake batter.

Margaret grabbed the waistband of Deanna’s khakis at the front and pulled it forward. Deanna’s white panties were exposed. Margaret looked down and said, “I think she needs a lot of cooling off!” She moved her hand back towards Deanna and took a new grasp. This time she pulled both the pants and panties back as hard as she could.

Deanna’s tiny waist gave way to a large gap between her body and the stretched clothing provided plenty of pouring room for Margaret. Deanna’s pubic hairs were just visible and she quivered with the uncertainty and anticipation of the cool, slippery substance being poured down her pants.

Margaret lifted up the bowl of batter almost to her chin for the proper, “plopping” effect. Veronica’s level of excitement rose too, and she pressed tightly against Deanna to view the coming attraction with a birds eye position. Her own food-covered breasts squishing against Deanna’s back caused fluids to ooze out and run down both their bodies.

Margaret tipped the bowl and the creamy mass slid over the rim and succumbed to the force of gravity. The stream of thick, sweet cream fell directly to the bottom of the pulled back panties.

“Ohhh,” Deanna shuttered. Her body convulsed slightly as the cool cream touched the warm lips of her private parts and penetrated the most intimate folds of her sweet sex. Her neatly trimmed, brown pubic hairs became saturated with the yellowish cream. As the batter rose to higher levels Deanna twitched taking in short gasps of air.

Margaret continued to torture her victim in this way until the thick cream crested at the waistband of the khakis. The mixture spilled over the top and ran down the front of Deanna’s pants. Margaret released the tension on the clothing and pressed the waistbands back to Deanna’s body. The sticky fluid formed a seal between the waistband of Deanna’s panties and her skin.

As if this tribulation weren’t enough to impose on Deanna, Margaret placed her hand between the young lady’s legs. She pressed firmly on Deanna’s saturated sex organ with a slight rocking motion. The batter pushed deeper into Deanna’s intimate opening. Deanna trembled as the shock pulsed through her like cold waves. She could feel the slippery substance forcing its way between the cheeks of her rear. The sensation was unbearable and she involuntarily moaned.

“Oohh, I think she likes that… don’t you, Deanna?” Veronica said, thoroughly enjoying the show. She was beginning to feel the rush of the situation. “Pour what’s left down her ass!” she said to Margaret. “I really think she wants to get those cute, little buns of hers all greased up!”

Margaret moved around behind Deanna to comply with the orders. Veronica moved off to the side to allow her mother to grab Deanna’s pants but as she did her grip loosened on Deanna’s arms.

Deanna sensed the change in pressure and spun quickly away from the two gunge-soaked women. The movement caused Margaret to drop the bowl of batter. When it hit the floor the leftover contents splashed up spattering Veronica and Margaret’s shapely legs.

 “I’m not the “bad guy” here! You two witches are the ones who deserve the punishment,” Deanna cried as she bolted free. “You lied to Ian to make me look bad then stole him away.”

Deanna lunged toward some shelves and grabbed two cans of whipped cream. She spun around looking like a two-fisted gunslinger. With a weapon in each hand she came after Margaret and Veronica. The two women foresaw what was about to happen. Like the tag fighting, mother/daughter twosome they had become they each instinctively grabbed a bowl of cake batter, one chocolate – one vanilla.

The three women squared off for the final battle an arm’s length apart. Deanna fired first with both nozzles blazing. Whipped cream began spraying Veronica and Margaret. Deanna’s firing pattern used steady, back and forth motions, working up and down the two women. Their bodies being covered with a thick layer of foam.

Margaret and Veronica reached out on blind impulse and, at the same time, delivered their payloads. With a bowl on the left and one on the right side of Deanna’s head the mixture came cascading down her body.

With an almost perfect division down either half of Deanna’s head the chocolate and vanilla batters ran down Deanna’s sides. The sticky goo slowly eased its way down her body and painted her with the new, saturating colors. Where the two liquids met they swirled and mated with each other.

“We didn’t tell Ian you were a slut,” Veronica howled over the hissing spray of whipped cream. “Ian told me you were seeing other men behind his back. He said you were a slut, not my mother or I! I never would have dated him if I knew he was seeing someone!”

Deanna stopped her assault before the two cans were empty. “What,” she stammered? “What did you say?”

“I said, it was Ian who told us you were being unfaithful. We only knew of his girlfriend from what he told us,” Veronica repeated.

“Are you telling us that you never cheated on Ian,” Margaret asked?

“Absolutely not,” Deanna replied. “Ever since my second date with Ian I haven’t looked at another man. I loved him. I never would’ve done anything to cause us to split apart.”

“Oh, no! I’m so sorry. I’ve never done anything like this before. I was just so angry I, I…” Deanna began to sob.

“Oh, Deanna, it’s me who should apologize,” Veronica empathized. “I really must have hurt you by revealing Ian’s lies. I think I would have done the same thing in your place.”

Veronica moved close to Deanna and put her arm around her. “That no-good, two-timing, lying little weasel,” she confided. “He’s used both of us!”

“I take it there won’t be any engagement party,” Margaret spoke, scooping the whipped cream out of her dress’s sagging neckline.

“You’ve got that right,” said Veronica. “If he was low enough to trash such a beautiful and faithful girlfriend like Deanna over another beautiful woman, he’ll probably do the same thing to me someday! I want no part of a relationship like that”

“It’s really unfortunate,” said Deanna. “It should have been Ian getting this revenge, not us. This big mess was wasted on the wrong people”

“I don’t know,” Veronica said with a slight giggle in her voice. “I found the experience to be sort of, well… it was kind of fun and exciting. Even a little bit stimulating.”

“You did too,” Deanna blurted with relief? “I was having the same feelings. I thought that maybe I was the only one. It was kind of arousing.”

The two girls smiled at each other through the pie, batter and whipped cream. Could this be the start of a new and interesting friendship, they each secretly wondered?

“Well,” smiled Margaret, “If you two liked getting messy so much, how about a little for the road?” And with those remarks she took a cream pie in each hand and plopped them directly into the faces of Deanna and Veronica. All three women giggled with delight.

Deanna and Veronica smiled at each other through their eyes. Deanna handed Veronica one of the cans of whipped cream she still held. Both nodded, working as one they emptied the two cans on Margaret. There wasn’t a spot on Margaret that was clean when the cans were empty.

“Oh, boy! We’ve sure made a big mess,” said Veronica.

“We can clean up in the back,” Deanna said. “For some reason the boss had a huge shower area put in this place. I don’t know why she did but it will sure come in handy today.”

“I live only a block from here. I can run home and get some clothes for us to wear. I think we’re pretty close in size.”

“That would be wonderful,” said Margaret. “And since we were instrumental in wreaking havoc around here I think it’s only fair that we stay and help clean up.”

“That’s really sweet of you, uh… no pun intended,” Deanna laughed.

“And since we were planning on buying a lot of items anyway,” said Veronica, “We should pay for all the food used on ourselves. We don’t want you to get into any trouble.”

“That’s really more than necessary,” said Deanna. “You don’t have to do that for my sake.”

“Nonsense,” said Margaret. We came here to buy desserts for a party. That’s just what we did. It’s just that in this case the party was not for a proposed engagement but to celebrate the meeting of new friends. Besides, we have plenty of money. We can afford it.”

“Thank you so much,” Deanna sighed. “At least let me help pitch in with the payment. You know you two really are great! I can’t wait to see what directions our new friendship will head!”

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