Deanna 4: A Special Boss’ Day

— by Robyn —

Deanna’s Messy Adventures Episode 4: A Special Boss’ Day

“Would you mind repeating that?” Deanna asked as she stood up from the chair. “I want you to tie me up and get me messy, just like you did to Margaret and Veronica the other day,” repeated Kelly. “When I saw the surveillance video of you tying up those women and letting them have it with pies and batter I got so excited I watched it over and over again. It was really a turn on and now that I’ve fulfilled half my fantasy by getting you messy I want you to fulfill the second half and do it to me.” Deanna was dripping from the gunging her employer had just given her. She had been pelted with 20 cream pies on top of and under her clothing then had 3 bowls of batter poured all over her body. It was an understatement to say she was a mess. It was more appropriate to say that Deanna was the definition of mess. From head to foot there was not a spot left uncovered with chocolate, vanilla and cream. Her long hair hung down as a single sheet of brown against her body. As much of a turn on it was for Kelly, so it was for Deanna herself. This newfound enjoyment of getting messy was very pleasing. Now her boss was asking her to do it to her. Life was good!

“Very well. I wouldn’t want to disappoint my boss and my friend,” Deanna replied. Kelly had streaks of batter on her face and her elbow length gloves were ruined from her earlier exploits. However, other than those two areas Kelly had managed to stay clean during her thorough job of decimating Deanna. These once beautiful red, satin coverings were now stained with batter, pie filling and cream up to her forearms. The shimmering satin material matched that of the dress she wore. A full-length, spaghetti strap, evening gown with plunging neckline (exposing cleavage formed by two full breasts) and a thigh high slit in the front (which revealed a pair of long, shapely legs).

Deanna looked forward to destroying this gorgeous gown. She grabbed her old apron that had earlier been tossed on the table and rolled it into a long rope. She grabbed the chair used earlier, still covered and dripping from her own gunging. She set it behind Kelly then commanded her victim to sit in the mess.

Kelly lowered herself onto the seat and could feel the slick, soft goo squish around her firm behind. Kelly let out a quick exhalation of air as she felt the mess smear her underside. She ground her hips a little to embellish the look and enhance the feeling.

Deanna stood behind Kelly, moved the towel in front of her and pulled it back against Kelly’s waist. She wrapped the ends around the back of the chair then tied them securely together. Deanna walked around to face Kelly and taunted her to get up and run away if possible.

Kelly tried to stand but could not. She reached around to see if she could untie the knots but couldn’t find the ends to undo them. She truly felt trapped at the whim of her captor. The feeling filled Kelly with many emotions, none the least of them excitement. If it weren’t for the fact that Deanna was a good friend whom she trusted she might have been terribly frightened. “You know, I think you deserve some punishment too,” Deanna snarled with a gleam in her eye. “What do you mean?” Asked Kelly.

“You could have talked to me about this when I showed up for work today,” continued Deanna. “I wanted to tell you about the food fight immediately but you avoided me. Then you took off to get ready for this little festivity. I think you wanted me to worry about it and fret over my job.” “Well, I did leave to change, that’s true, but I didn’t mean to put you in any more distress,” responded Kelly, not too convincingly.

“I’m sorry, but you’ll still need to pay for your crimes,” said Deanna. “Prepare to be treated to a special ëBoss’ Day’ my dear.” Deanna picked up a bowl of chocolate cake batter and knelt in from of Kelly. She grabbed both sides of the slit gown with her dirtied hands and pulled the material to the side so her legs and feet were completely exposed.

Deanna pulled off the red high-heeled shoes Kelly wore and placed both of them into the brown mixture in the bowl. She stirred the mixture around a little with her finger to be sure that all of the shoes’ surfaces were covered. The she plucked one of them from the slop, dipped it into the batter again to be sure that sauce filled the inside of the shoe. Deanna raised her eyes up at Kelly without lifting her head. Deanna’s pose gave her a very devilish look and it both frightened and stimulated Kelly. “Cross your legs,” Deanna commanded.

Kelly obeyed lifting the appropriate foot to be fitted with the shoe Deanna held in her hand. Deanna gently eased Kelly’s toe into the batter that filled the slipper. The liquid felt cool and sensuous as it touched Kelly’s foot. As the foot thrust deeper into the shoe batter squirted out and landed on Kelly’s legs and hem of her evening gown.

Deanna looked up at Kelly’s face and found her absolutely fixated with the moment. Her eyes were closed and her full, red lips parted slightly. Her chest heaved up and down; breasts pressing tightly against the fabric as she gasped for air. Waves of ecstasy flowed over her face.

Deanna repeated the same process to the other foot as Kelly cooed and moaned. Then she rubbed Kelly’s calves with her messy hands until they were a glistening, smooth brown color. Deanna stood up with the bowl. She reached towards Kelly, grabbed the neckline of the gown and pulled it back. The spaghetti straps stretched out providing a large opening through which Deanna could see the tops of Kelly’s breasts. “Mmm.” snickered Deanna. “Got milk?” Both women started to giggle at the pun then Deanna proceeded to quickly envelop Kelly’s breasts with the entire bowl full of batter. She strategically poured the mixture so that it ran evenly over the entire surface of both, beautiful globes.

As the cool liquid slid down the cleavage and over Kelly’s breasts it tickled her as it made its way deeper and deeper down her body. Kelly’s giggles turned into hysterical laughs as the torture of the cream going down her lithe body became more and more intense. “Sounded as if you liked that, Kelly,” purred Deanna. “Maybe, if you’re real nice, I’ll do it again sometime.” “Promises, promises.” smiled Kelly as she tried to regain her composure.

“You know, your beautiful evening gown is ruined now with all that sticky chocolate inside,” Deanna said as she rubbed Kelly’s chest and tummy forcing the batter deeper into the material. “I guess as long as it’s already wrecked we might as well have some fun with it.” She grabbed one of the two remaining bowls of vanilla batter. “Please, Kelly!” Deanna scolded. “Put your legs together and close your dress opening. Don’t be such a cheap whore with your bare legs showing like that.” Kelly pulled the opening of her gown’s slit closed again. Then Deanna took the yellow cream and dumped it over the once lovely, red evening gown.

The material was quickly coated with the slime and Kelly, being in the spirit of the moment, began to massage herself, working the goo completely over her body. Yellow batter flowed and cascaded over her legs like a waterfall in slow motion. “You know, it still looks a little too clean,” Deanna said. She grabbed two cream pies and delivered them on Kelly’s chest, finishing the delivery with a little twist and a wipe down the tummy. “Ugh, I’m turning into a mess,” responded Kelly. “I like it. Do more!” Deanna picked up two more pies and slapped them on top of Kelly’s thighs wiping them down the sides, then two pies to the hips, rotating and smearing them all around Kelly’s bottom. Deanna picked up a single pie. She looked into Kelly’s eyes then back at the pie. Through her pie and battered covered face Deanna produced a wicked grin and looked back at Kelly again.

Kelly knew what was coming. At first she wanted to run and would have tried to duck if it had not been for the restraint holding her in place. Seeing that she was at Deanna’s mercy of the coming event she found herself not wanting to move but, rather, anticipating the smothering of pie.

Deanna moved close to Kelly and slowly, gently moved the pie up to her face. Deanna placed her hand on the back of Kelly’s head to hold it down and in place then ever so slowly she pressed the pie onto the gorgeous face of her boss and friend.

By moving slowly Deanna prevented the loss of any pie. Instead she was able to keep almost the entire contents of the filling and whipped cream on the tin so she could form it around Kelly’s head and press it deeply onto her face. Deanna twisted, rocked and ground the pie until the overflow began to pull away from the tin and plop onto Kelly’s lap. She pulled the tin away and allowed Kelly to take in a breath. Kelly licked her lips and tasted the sweet confection that covered her lovely face. She reached up and cleared away the substance that covered her eyes.

Deanna could see by the look in those beautiful eyes that she was loving this and only more than happy to continue providing enjoyment to her boss. She then picked up two pies and delivered them simultaneously to the sides of Kelly’s head. Deanna kept rocking, twisting and grinding these pies for a full 30 seconds. Kelly’s head rolled side to side and back and forth as Deanna continued to squeeze as much pudding as possible into her hair. Then she wiped the pies down the sides of her head. Kelly’s medium length black hair now hung limp with the tips touching her neck. Her black tresses were always a healthy, shiny glow. Now, however, they shined with the moisture of whipped cream, bananas and custard.

Deanna took another pie and rubbed it against the back of Kelly’s head and wiped it around her friend’s hair as she had done with the others. To finish the complete coverage of her head Deanna plopped a cream pie on the top of Kelly’s crown. She set this one gently enough on her head that the pie stayed intact for the most part. With this upside down dessert firmly applied Deanna massaged it gently into the once clean strands.

Deanna moved behind Kelly and untied the towel that held her in place. She told Kelly to stand up and bend forward with her hands on her knees. When Kelly had gotten into position, Deanna spanked her bottom with two of the cream pies, one to each cheek. The backside of the evening gown still had a few spots that hadn’t received any gunging. Deanna smeared the excess pie around Kelly’s fanny, hips and down the length of her long legs until the dress was now completely saturated. Deanna took another pie and slapped it on the bare skin of Kelly’s back left open for attack by the low cut of the gown. Deanna began to give a shoulder and arm massage to Kelly, spreading the pie filling all over her body as she did.

Then she had Kelly sit herself back into the chair. Deanna picked up the last bowl of vanilla cake batter and poured it over Kelly’s head. Streams of the bright color ran down in stark contrast to the dark hair and smeared face. It gave Kelly a new, uniform color and washed away some of the lumps of pie filling that had been on her face. When Deanna had finished you could almost make out the outline of Kelly’s face again. “You look good with this new makeup on your face,” said Deanna. “Thank you,” replied Kelly when the flow of batter stopped running over her lips. “However, I think I still like you better with piles of pie on you,” Deanna said with finality.

Deanna took the last 6 cream pies and, in rapid succession, slapped Kelly’s face and head with them until she, again, was smothered in chocolate, vanilla, banana and whipped cream. “Oh yes, that’s much better,” Deanna said. “And now for some final topping.” Deanna went to a storage rack and grabbed an open box containing cans of whipped cream. She set the box down on the table in front of Kelly and pulled one of them out and began to shake it.

Kelly beamed a huge smile and began to laugh slightly. “Oh no!” She squealed with delight. “Oh yes!” Replied Deanna, also starting to laugh. Deanna took the container and thrust it through the open slit on Kelly’s gown continuing to move her hand between Kelly’s legs until the nozzle of the can touched her boss’s panties. The tip pushed the cotton material into the lips of Kelly’s private parts and Kelly began to giggle uncontrollably. When Deanna pressed the trigger of the whipped cream Kelly began to scream and laugh with delight as the frothy foam sprayed her panties and began to fill up her lap. Deanna did not stop; did not relent; did not break the motion of this final scene. While she emptied one can inside and onto Kelly she was shaking another can, preparing it for release.

Deanna continued to move along with the level of the cream. After having filled the inside of Kelly’s dress she started on Kelly’s feet and worked up her legs. Then she sprayed the top of her lap and continued to pile whipped cream on Kelly until she was covered with at least 8 inches of whipped cream all over her visible body, face and head. When Deanna had finished she’d used up 10 cans of whipped cream.

By this time both women were laughing and giggling uncontrollably. Kelly sat as still as possible in the chair but her motions of laughter made her jiggle and the whipped cream began to fall. Deanna straddled Kelly then gently eased her cute butt into the thick foam and onto Kelly’s lap.

Deanna moved into Kelly and gave her employer a big hug. Whipped cream slithered between and over both of the women. Some of it shot up onto Deanna’s face and hair. “Thank you for understanding and for sharing this love of mine,” Deanna whispered to Kelly. “You’re the greatest boss and friend anyone could ever have.”

“I’m glad I met you, Deanna,” said Kelly. “I couldn’t ask for a better employee. As a matter of fact, this business has become too much for me to handle alone. When you finish with your classes I would be honored if you would consider being a full partner with me. That is, if you’re interested in doing something like this.” “Oh, wow!” Shouted Deanna. “I would be very interested in that. That would be a dream come true, thank you so much!”

The two women embraced again, both as happy as either of them had ever been. They began to shampoo each other’s hair with the whipped cream and continued to laugh and giggle a few minutes until the whipped cream began to run off their bodies. “Well, I guess we should clean up this place, and ourselves,” said Deanna. “Yes, that’s the one drawback of this fun time, the cleanup is always so hard.” replied Kelly.

“Maybe we should find some other, uh, helpers who could assist us with this,” Deanna purred with a wink of her eye. “Hmm.” said Kelly. “That’s a great idea. I knew my instincts were right about you and your managerial skills. I think we should check around and see if we can find some more assistants willing to help us out.”

With arms around each other and beaming broad smiles, Deanna and Kelly steadied each other and headed for the shower. Each looked forward to their next corporate meeting as the one they’d just finished and hoped it would take place soon.

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