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Tables full of pies... buckets of cake batter... huge cans of pudding...
have a seat in a nice thick layer cake and start playing with your food.

After Dinner Snack, by AlanWam (3/14/2009)
Two lovers fulfill her secret fantasy of a messy foreplay session.

After Dinner Dessert, by AlanWam (3/14/2009)
A woman's boyfriend introduces her to slapstick foreplay and the wrecking of nice outfits.

The Gas Man Cometh, by AlanWam (3/14/2009)
Good thing the natural gas repairman doesn't mind getting his hands dirty!

House Party, by AlanWam (3/14/2009)
When a local nightclub puts on their own version of a popular messy TV show, the evening is enjoyed immensely by all!

In Your Dreams, by AlanWam (3/14/2009)
Alan provides a tale of another woman's happy introduction to WAM.

Star-crossed WAMmers, by Andrew (8/20/2008)
Messy fans in the US and Australia have a virtual pie fight in e-mail.
(M/F, pies, gunge)

Abandoned Town, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
"One morning you wake up to find that your entire town has been evacuated and that you are the only person left." So, naturally, your first thought is to abuse every source of messy food fun in the city... *grin*

A Foodiful Surprise, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
What many of us dream of... to be caught "playing" by an attractive friend who wants to join right in!

Allie's Bet, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
A bet on a college basketball game leads two female students and their professor into some serious messy sex!

Another Fine Mess, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
I believe Another Fine Mess can be attributed to RobFrank, a well-known name in the WAM community, but I'm not sure... if anyone can update my info, let me know. This one's pretty good!

Messy Fun in the College Kitchen, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Messy Fun in the College Kitchen... well, I'm not sure I believe in a college kitchen with kettles of frosting and oatmeal big enough for two adult women to hide in... but frankly, who cares? Certainly sounds like fun to ME...

Last Orders, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Last Orders is set just after closing in a diner where a young lady has arranged with a waitress friend to provide a 'special' dessert for her lover. I suspect this may be by the same anonymous author as Cream Pie Delight.

Lisa Cooks For Me, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Lisa Cooks For Me: A romantic dinner turns into a playful food fight and then into a messy sex session. Believeable, and fun to imagine really happening.

Messy Slaves, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Messy Slaves is the first messy story I found on the Internet, tucked in the newsgroup. In real life, one lover is enough for me, but as fantasy, this one gave me quite a charge.

My Intro to Fun With Food, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Do you think My Intro to Fun With Food was really an art project, or an excuse for Diane to get her friend sticky and aroused? I doubt the main character really cared, after it was all over.

Cream Pie Delight, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Based on posted comments, if you are a male WAMmer, and the story Cream Pie Delight does nothing for you, you have probably been dead for a while and not noticed. If anyone can put me in touch with the author of this one, PLEASE do so... this tale keeps being wrongly attributed to me, and I want to give the author his due.

Please Pie Me!, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Possibly by the same author as two of the other stories on this site, Please Pie Me! is the sort of a scene many of us would love to do... a bored young lady calls her boyfriend to come right over, becuase she's decided she needs a complete pieing.

The Art of Stress Reduction, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
The Art of Stress Reduction tells the tale of how a lady left alone in the local confectionery factory tosses off the irritations of a long day. This story may be incomplete.

Sweet Revenge, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
A grocery clerk and her male accomplice gain revenge on the two drunken sorority girls who tortured her so.

Sweet Bakery, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Sweet Bakery seems to have been concieved as a possible script by someone who saw the classic "Ariel's Pie Shop"... note the accidental substitution of the name "Kassandra" in one place. An excellent story nonetheless... one that wouldn't look bad on one of Rob's videos, though one small bit might have to be pulled.

Tina's Birthday Sur-Pies, by anonymous (3/14/2009)
Tina's Birthday Sur-Pies contains the first two parts of a seemingly unfinished story... a pretty decent one, at that. The cheerleading squad not only plots to cover one of their members in pies, but to bring said member together with the young man who's long admired her from afar.

Banana Cream, by Argus (3/14/2009)
A short dialogue piece - the lady wants her banana cream pie *now!

In Front of the Camera, by Argus (3/14/2009)
Another short piece, detailing a messy modeling shoot.

Dialogue 1, by Argus (3/14/2009)
A clip from an actual chat using the ICQ program. The nicknames were removed to "protect the guilty."

Dialogue 2, by Argus (3/14/2009)
The author: "I wrote the following in a hurry to send off to my girlfriend in order to cheer her up after a stressful day. (This is seriously incomplete, but what the heck... its a fun read anyway)."

Discovery, by Argus (3/14/2009)
An account of a young woman's early journeys into messy fun.

Pie Story 2, by Argus (3/14/2009)
What happens when a couple discover they've owned copies of the same "Messy Fun" tape for some time...

More Stories, by Argus (3/14/2009)
Two more stories, apparently with the same characters from "Discovery", above.

Sweet Dreams Are Made of These, by Arizona (08/20/2008)
After breaking up with his girlfriend, a splosher dreams of the pie fight he'd hoped they would have.
(M/F, pies)

Odif's Fault, by Aviar (3/14/2009)
Please send Aviar some feedback on this one - I personally would like to see more of his work on this page. Besides, what would YOU do with a cancelled banquet, 90-degree weather, and 20 cool, creamy pies?

Camping Fun, by BeeJay (3/14/2009)
Bee Jay has submitted his first story, of a camping trip and the erotic dinner two couples share. He'd really like feedback on this one, but has asked such feedback be sent through me, for purposes of anonymity. This is a pretty good one!

Lotion Love, by BSlopster (3/14/2009)
A true story to the readers of the Mess about Slopster's first experience with lotion sex.

Funhouse Experience, by Burnett (3/14/2009)
This was contributed by a person who got to be on the frequently messy gameshow "Funhouse".

Quiz Show, by Burnett (3/14/2009)
A fantasy about a messy gameshow involving heroic amounts of gunge.

Eggz, by Burnett (3/14/2009)
A messy gameshow idea involving raw eggs.

Messy Chess Game, by Burnett (3/14/2009)
Another idea for a messy gameshow, one where live chess pieces are WAMmed once captured.

Chocolate Covered Cheryl, by Chaos (3/14/2009)
Chocolate Covered Cheryl puts our heroine fully clothed in a bathtub of chocolate batter. (Woo Hoo!)

Cheryl Gets Pied, by Chaos (3/14/2009)
In Cheryl Gets Pied, "our herione ends up getting covered in cream pies in her expensive looking business suit." Well, other than the suit, sounds like fun to me...

Janet I, by D_H (3/14/2009)
Janet spills wine on the outfit her ex-boyfriend bought her... decides to destroy the outfit completely with stains and mess, while wearing it... and discovers the process to be a great deal more fun than she'd expected! I recommend all the "Janet" stories here.

Janet II: Slime, Mud And VideoTape, by D_H (3/14/2009)
Our heroine was so turned on last time, she decides to videotape herself destroying the next of the outfits her ex-boyfriend bought her. She finds the experience all she could ask for.

Janet III: A New Friend, by D_H (3/14/2009)
This story takes us to the local bakery, where Janet succumbs to the lure of purchasing cream pies for her erotic explorations. The proprietor knows a WAMmer when she sees one, however, and Janet's explorations soon take a new turn!

Janet IV: Sunday, Sunday..., by D_H (3/14/2009)
Janet heads to Mona's house to fulfill her part of the deal which netted her free bakery supplies the night before. With Mona's help, Janet's able to work through the remainder of her angry feelings for her ex-boyfriend, and replace them with a new and intimate friendship.

Dinnertime Suggestion, by Diva (3/14/2009)
"The Chocolate Lady on a Naked Horse" co-wrote this tale with Argus; it's another 'first messy lovemaking' story, and this time, the lady makes the suggestion! Hmmm, the man doesn't take much time to agree, either... wonder why that is...

Splaptism, Part 1, by Eilvanwyn (5/25/2009)
A lady's true account of her initiation into the Church of the Flying Pie Monster - in other words, her very first messy scene!

Reunion, by FabDisBabe (3/14/2009)
Feel like you've been waiting forever for someone to pie you? The author of this one can sympathise! A nicely erotic story from a new female WAM author. Write her and encourage her, this one's good!

Nikki and Dave, by FoodFun2 (3/14/2009)
This should put you in the mood for a little fingerpainting tonight!

A Night In The City, by Green (3/14/2009)
Chapter Three of the tales of Sammi & Jemima, involving mess, fetish clothing, and trains. :)

Athena Gets Pied, by Hfann (3/14/2009)
One in a series of stories about a young lady who loves messy, costumed, photo and sex sessions with her boyfriend.

Athena Celebrates Secretaries' Day, by Hfann (3/14/2009)
Another in a series of stories about a young lady who loves messy, costumed, photo and sex sessions with her boyfriend.

Athena's Sunday Picnic, by Hfann (3/14/2009)
One more in a series of stories about a young lady who loves messy, costumed, photo and sex sessions with her boyfriend.

Dream Birthday, by Hfann (3/14/2009)
Yet another :) in a series of stories about a young lady who loves messy, costumed, photo and sex sessions with her boyfriend.

Kathy's Last Day of Work, by Hfann (3/14/2009)
A woman's co-workers decide to mess her up royally as a going-away prank.

Baker's Dozen, by Ivan (3/14/2009)
A common theme of John's is the bakery that decides to give away overstocks of messy items for promotional reasons... here, the pretty female baker's assistant agrees to be pied with the overstock in the promotion. I found this tale VERY erotic, and it's not explicit at all!

Olympic Pies Ad, by Ivan (3/14/2009)
This tells the story of a Eastern European Olympic swimmer who agrees to star in a pie company commercial. Swimmer... pie company... do I really have to tell anyone what the commercial involves?

Pie-ce De Resistance, by Ivan (3/14/2009)
Charles Lee assisted with this fictional story about a real person! Laura, aka 'NatureBabe', agreed to this fun little tale of the bad part of town... no, not that way, but - well, you'll see.

Pie the Secretary, by Ivan (3/14/2009)
A man succumbs to the fantasy of pieing his secretary, and discovers that she doesn't mind the idea at all! DON'T try this at your place of employment, kiddies... though it sounds like a fun 'scene' to play out with a lover... hmmm, excuse me for a moment.

Gunge Game, by Jean (3/14/2009)
Two two-girl teams compete in a gunge trivia game at school.

The Slapstick Assistant 1, by Jo (3/14/2009)
A young woman fills in for her roommate at a resort town comedy review and, unsurprisingly, gets more than she bargained for.

The Slapstick Assistant 2, by Jo (3/14/2009)
Our unsuspecting comedienne is subjected to even more messy "abuse" on the stage.

The Slapstick Assistant 3, by Jo (3/14/2009)
A volunteer partner from the audience is hypnotised with our messed heroine.

Kerry Crossed Dressed, by Kerry Samson (3/14/2009)
Kerry gunges himself *quite well in a girls' school uniform, and reports the results for us.

LauRI's Messy Day, by LauRIpi (3/14/2009)
A very short story about the day of a submissive WAMmer and her dominant friend.

LauRI's Further Adventures, by LauRIpi (3/14/2009)
A second quite short story about the day of a submissive WAMmer and her dominant friend.

Addicted to WAM, by Loon (3/14/2009)
Part One of "the first in an intended series of stories about a couple and their WAM adventures." Mostly set-up; I hope I can find the rest of the tale someday.

Cooking Class, by Messionary (3/14/2009)
For unknown reasons, a free-for-all erupts in a home-ec class where pies are the assignment for the day.

Occupational Hazard, by Messionary (3/14/2009)
So would you take a job at a bakery just because you knew your lovely co-workers would thoroughly pie you when you quit? This tale attempts to answer that question!

Therapy Session, by Messionary (3/14/2009)
In the sequel to "Cooking Class", a young woman hears of the mayhem and sees a therapist to overcome her fear of pie messing.

Gunge Pocket, by Messmaster (3/14/2009)
This sounds like fun! The author's girlfriend builds a small gunge pit in their bed - and they fall asleep there afterwards!

Blackmailing Lisa, by Messolini (3/14/2009)
One stupid mistake can change your life... in this case, a bit of embezzlement leads a woman to an education in gunge.

Betty's Birthday, by MessyBoy (3/14/2009)
Betty samples for the first time the delights of messing an expensive new outfit in a mess that must have cost Cindy herself a great deal of money! This tale paints a picture any WAMmer would be proud to participate in... in fact, I think I'll mail a copy of this to a certain someone...

Betty's Kitchen Raid, by MessyBoy (3/14/2009)
The second in this series gives our heroine new ideas for foodplay, which she tries out in an enriching solo experience.

Cindy's Chocolate Tan, by MessyBoy (3/14/2009)
An imaginary Rob Blaine tape makes a cameo appearance in this third "Betty" story, as Cindy melts candy bars all over herself, and Betty takes the final step into a full-time WAM relationship with Cindy.

Messy Torture, by MessyBoy (3/14/2009)
A devious female paintball player "convinces" a male player to give up vital strategic information. Ummm... to quote from somewhere... "If this is torture, then hurry up and chain me to the wall!"

Peanut Butter Betty, by MessyBoy (3/14/2009)
The first of his "Betty" series, and a story I really enjoyed... a curious young lady, a conniving girlfriend with a faked printout, and about a dozen jars of peanut butter. Lots of fun.

A Sticky Situation, by MessyChris (3/14/2009)
Ron's tried his hand at story-telling. I just can't escape the feeling that this is something the two of them are planning to try together... which just makes the story more erotic... (grin)

Wedding Melee, by Miko (3/14/2009)
The bride cheated on her fiancee, and now the wedding's off... but the desserts are on (everyone.)

Always Room For Jello, by MMMichael (3/14/2009)
An afternoon at a mall's charity "Jello Jump".

Bathing Beauty, by Oliver (3/14/2009)
A model is hired to do a fetish video called "Bikini Gunge Fantasy" in this story.

Gunge And The Single Girl, by Oliver (3/14/2009)
What will some folks do to raise money for a good cause?

Gunge Booth, by Oliver (3/14/2009)
"Are you comfortable? ...then we'll begin." The latest epic from the studios of 'Oliver' is a little story of a young man's chance to gunge multiple ladies for charity - oh, the sacrifices one must make...

How Dare You!, by Oliver (3/14/2009)
Up for a little messy revenge? This is a cautionary tale about excesssive pride and... well, okay, it's just a good gunge story. (smile)

Leaving Day Present, by Oliver (3/14/2009)
Here's a story about one company's traditional sendoff for those about to leave their organization. Oliver wanted to make it very clear, in case it wasn't in the story, that the heroine of isn't actually minding the attention at all!

The Show, by Oliver (3/14/2009)
Oliver: "Here's something a little different! A fictional tale concerning the imaginary goings on in that seedy 'gentleman's club' in the centre of my mind. Read, enjoy and perhaps let me know what you think!"

Rachel Ross, Part 1, by R.C. (3/14/2009)
Here we have the sordid and humor-laden tale of Rachel Ross, P.I.E (Private Investigator Extraordinaire).

Rachel Ross, Part 2, by R.C. (3/14/2009)
Rachel's story continues.

Rachel Ross, Part 3, by R.C. (3/14/2009)
More of Rachel's adventure.

Rachel Ross, Part 4, by R.C. (3/14/2009)
Rachel's ridiculous story concludes.

The Adventures of Kim Hardaway, American Stooge, Part 1, by Reynolds (3/14/2009)
There's a lot of truth to the idea that Japanese filmmakers like to put American women in their productions when they can - American ladies are as exotic over there as Asian are here. And what happens when one is hired for a Japanese slapstick show?

The Adventures of Kim Hardaway, American Stooge, Part 2, by Reynolds (3/14/2009)
Kim Hardaway's further Japanese slapstick adventures.

The Adventures of Kim Hardaway, American Stooge, Part 3, by Reynolds (3/14/2009)
Kim keeps making those sticky Japanese movies...

The Adventures of Kim Hardaway, American Stooge, Part 4, by Reynolds (3/14/2009)
Further tales of Kim's career!

Slapstick for the Prosecution, by Reynolds (3/14/2009)
I have the feeling that this story qualifies as a miscarriage of justice! :) When a woman sues over an unwanted birthday gunging, her lady lawyer repeats the enitre treatment as a demonstration for the jury.

That WAM Spirit, by RobFrank (3/14/2009)
Rob: "I wanted to write a little something called That WAM Spirit that might appeal to everyone in the WAM newsgroup! If I missed your particular favorite -- sorry... But here it is anyway! Enjoy!"

Birthday Cakes, by Shokolada (3/14/2009)
A messy couple celebrates a birthday in the only sensible way... a huge messy scene.
(M/F, frosting, cakes, pies)

Catering to Her Desires, by Shokolada (3/14/2009)
A lucky guy is made into a human dessert, and packaged for delivery.
(F/m, pies, batter, frosting, bondage)

Dessert Glass, by Shokolada (3/14/2009)
Our lady protagonist gets made into a giant parfait. Everyone loves those.
(M/f, batter, pies)

Gunge Bondage, by Shokolada (3/14/2009)
A lost bet means a messy 'examination' for a pleased lady.
(M/f, pies, batter, bondage)

Bake Shop, by SirMarHalt (3/14/2009)
Three women, one man, and a bake shop full of pies... no, that's not what happens, get your mind out of the gutter; after all, there's no room and I was here first. Anyway, this is a fun one, and I recommend a look. :)

Just Another Day at the Office, by SirMarHalt (3/14/2009)
Apparently, the denizens of a certain business office compete for the most outrageous practical jokes every year. Here, we hear the tale of the year the pranks turned into pieings.

Heels and PVC, by Spiny_Norman_Frilly (3/14/2009)
Yeah, I'll admit I rather enjoyed this one - who's surprised? The thought of filling your lady's PVC catsuit with gunge, while she wears it, sounds pretty good to me!

Pergola of Gunge, by Spiny_Norman_Frilly (3/14/2009)
A little lesson in do-it-yourself messy play, for those times when a partner's unavailable - or just not needed.

Bathtub Fun, by Spiny_Norman_Frilly (3/14/2009)
When his girlfriend finds his collection of WAM magazines and videos, her curiosity leads her into a thrilling encounter for the both of them.

Rachel Getting Messy, by SplatGirl (3/14/2009)
An erotic tale, not the least reason for which is the fact that it really happened!! Though they aren't foodplay stories, read Rachel's Bath and Rachel & Sean in the Mud as well!

Homecoming, by Vonce (3/14/2009)
A senior at his school's homecoming celebration gets a little messy with his young art teacher. Good clean fun! :)

The Pantry, by Vonce (3/14/2009)
Locked all night in the dessert storage closet with an attractive young member of the opposite sex... *sigh*. Well, guess that one has to make the best of it!

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