A Messy Makeup, by shoksy

A Messy Makeup, by shoksy@aol.com (m/f, messy play, pies, sex)

Part 1

Jake checked his cart one more time. Did he have everything he needed? He wanted to make sure that this night was something Sara would really love. He felt so bad about forgetting their anniversary, even though Sara had said it was okay. So he decided to makeup for it by setting up a night of messy play. He had planned it all out, was buying the suppyies now, and would go back to their place and set it up. It had been a couple months since he actually had surprised her with a good gunging, and she always loved it when he did.

Jake picked up one more can of whipped cream before he checked out, then went back to the apartment. He put the chocolate cream pies and whipped cream he had boughten in the fridge, to keep them cool till Sara got home, and placed the rest of the materials on the kitchen counter. Three cans of chocolate frosting, three cans of vanilla, 5 bags of brownie batter, 2 french vanilla cake mixes, plus the 4 pies in the fridge, and 2 cans of whipped cream. “Ya, this is enough to get Sara dripping in goo” Jake thought with a big smile on his face.

He went to work covering the kitchen and dinning room floors with the clear plastic painters tarps they kept around for these occasions, making sure to lead a trail off to the bathroom for afterwards. Looking down at his watch Jake realized time had slipped away from him, and Sara should be home any minute now. He quickly arranged the supplies on the counter so he would have easy access to them, then hurried into the bedroom to get himself ready.

Sara’s key jiggled in the lock, a second later she opened the door to the apartment and walked in. As she hung up her jacket she felt those oh so familiar arms wrap around her waist, and those soft lips she loved so much gently kiss the back of her neck. She felt something else too though, something slick touching the top of the back of her legs. Sara turned around to find Jake wearing nothing but a pair of black, tight, plastic briefs, and a big grin on his face.

“Got something planned hmmmmmm?” Sara asked with an inquisited look on her face.

“You bet I do!” Jake quickly responded. “I know our anniversay was yesterday, and you said it was okay that we didn’t do anything, but it’s really not. I wanna celebrate our love for one another… and have some fun doing it too.”

Sara looked at Jake with a smile spreading across her face, “wanna help me with my zipper? I know you already have my outfit waiting”

Jake let out a little chuckle, then *very slowly helped Sara take off her clothing, and even got in a few gropes as they headed back to the bedroom to put her outfit on. Jake dressed her in a white plastic tunic top and clear plastic panties. They stood in the bedroom for a bit, hugging and kissing. Letting their plastic outfits rustle against one another. Jake finally pulled away from the kiss and took Sara’s hand in his, then lead her out to the dinning room.

Sara lay on the plastic covered dinning room table, waiting for Jake to return from the kitchen. Jake finally appeared in the entry way to the room, holding a very large bowl. “So, is there a theme to this night?” Sara asked.

“Well, most couples share some kind of cake or dessert for their anniversary, so I figured we could just make each other into some instead” Jake grinned as he replyed back to her. “Oh goodie, does this mean I get to get you back good?” Sara asked with a gleam in her eye.

“Yup” Jake answered with a smile. “I got enough stuff for you to have your way with me.”

Sara giggled at that, but her giggling turned into a gasp when Jake poured the contents of his bowel, the french vanilla cake mix, down her tunic. Slowly he spread it around her chest and stomach with his hands on top of the plastic. Sara closed her eyes and just consitrated on the goo running over her erect nipples, and slidding down her back. She just laid there, eyes still closed, for a while, until she realized Jake was gone. She opened her eyes again to see him re-entering the room, carring 3 containers of frosting. He placed them on the table and opened each one. Then grinned down at Sara before he placed a hand in one jar and scooped out almost all of its contents. Slowly, mathotically, he spread it across the white plastic covering her chest, gentely playing with her nipples through the plastic. While scooping up another handful of frosting, Jake leaned in and softly kissed Sara then before their lips parted, he smeared the contents of his hand all over her plastic clad crotch. Sara broke the kiss, letting out a moan as she did so. Jake moved down her body more and carefully finished spreading the frosting on, till she had a nice layer covering all of the plastic. Then giving her a quick kiss, Jake said he would be right back.

When he returned both his hands were behind his back. He leaned down and placed something on the ground, but Sara coun’t see what. When he stood back up, she could very clearly see the whip cream can in his hand. He popped the top, and slowly spelled out “Happy Anniversary” on top of the frosting. When he was done he smiled big, leaned in and kisssed Sara very passionately. When their lips finally parted he whispered to her “Happy Anniversary Sara, I love you” and then grabbed his camera and stood up to take a picture.

“Oh I knew you couldn’t resist” Sara laughed.

“You know it.” Jake replied. But after taking only one picture he put the camera down. “Wait, somethings missing.”

“What?” Sara asked with a puzzled look on her face.

At that Jake leaned down and picked up the object he had placed on the floor earlier. Sara got just a glimps of the chocolate cream pie before Jake smeared it into her face, and very slowly removed the tin. Carefully, Sara cleaned off her eyes and mouth, then a big grin spread across her face and all she said was “Cheese!!” at that Jake clicked off a few more pictures, then helped Sara off the table… it was her turn now.

Part 2

Jake laid impatiently on the kitchen table, blindfolded. Sara had covered his eyes with a scarf to keep him in a bit more suspence since he already knew the supplies she had to work with. He heard her squishy footsteps approach from the kitchen. Next thing he knew he could feel the coolness of the brownie batter flowing into his briefs. Slowly inching its way down around his erect member. Sara smiled at the low moans that were coming from Jakes mouth as she finished pouring. She smiled big at her work, and trotted off to the kitchen for more supplies. When she came back into the room, Jake was still squirming on the table, brownie batter ozzing out of the plastic briefs. She popped open the three containers of chocolate frosting, and scooped out all the contents onto his chest. Then, with both hands, she *very slowly spread it all over. Carressing and massaging his chest as she did so. Tracing over his nipples with her chocolate covered fingers, sliding her palms down across his belly button. Turning his chest into a layer of milk chocolate frosting.

Jake heard the lid to the other bottle of whip cream being popped off, as Sara slowly started writing with it on his chest.

“It was our anniversary Jake.” She said to him. “So I want everyone to know your mine.” Right after Jake stopped hearing the can spraying, he heard the click of the polaroid camera they had… then felt Sara’s soft lips press to his and he eagerly contributed to a deep, passionate kiss. When she parted from his lips, she removed his blindfold and handed him the polaroid. He could see what she had written on his chest, and laughed as he read the word “Taken! Boy Toy! Sara’s Sex Slave!” And the writing on his crotch read “Sara’s binki” A huge smile spread across Jake’s mouth when he saw that, he looked up and saw Sara smiling too. He only got a to see her beautiful smile for a second though, before Sara planted one of the pies into Jake’s face and rubbed it in before removing the tin. He waited a few seconds before cleaning off his eyes and mouth. When he was done he opened his eyes just in time to see Sara disapear into the kitchen again.

Sara turned around from the fridge with one of the last 2 pies in her hand, and found Jake standing right behind her. “Got plans for that?” He asked as he placed a finger in it and sucked the contents off.

“Ya I do, I was gonna smear this one all over your head, unless you have a better idea.” Sara grinned at him.

“Actually, I do.” Jake replyed and took the pie in Sara’s hand, and the other one from the fridge, and placed them on the counter. Then he placed both of his hands on the neck of Sara’s tunic, and with one quick motion, riped it from her body. Before she even had a chance to say anything, Jake had her pressed to him, lips locked to one another. Just as Sara got really into it though, he pulled away.

“All the frosting was on the plastic.” He said. “Now that its gone, your chest needs something more.” At that he picked up both of the pies, and with a huge grin planted both onto her chest, rubbing them in. After throwing the tins to the side, he laid Sara onto the kitchen floor and stradled her as he slowly rubbed the pie contents around a bit. Sara moaned as he massaged her chest with his hands. The coolness of the pies caused her nipples to get errect quickly, and upon feeling them Jake leaned down and began to suck softly on her right breast. After cleaning that one off, he moved over to her left. Then slowly up her neck to her lips where they engaged in another passionate kiss. By now both were quite turned on, so when the kiss broke this time, both knew what the reason was for. Sara leaned down and ripped Jake’s briefs on. Quickly, she went to work on licking all the brownie batter off of his hard member. When she was done, slowly, she licked her way back up to his lips and softly kissed him. Now it was Jakes turn. He made fast work of her panties in the same maner the he had done her tunic. And in a minute his tongue had her crotch pretty well clear of the vanilla cake mix. He looked up at Sara, her wanting eyes were all the sign he needed. Jake slide back up her body, wrapped his arms around her, and slid himself inside. Both let out moans in unison, and made passionate love there on the kitchen floor, coming together. Slowly, Jake slid off of Sara’s body, and lay next to her cuddling.

Sara rolled over and softly kissed Jake, then looked deep into his eyes. “I love you”

“I love you too.” Jake replyed smiling at her. “Happy anniversay darling.”

Sara smiled back “This was a great makeup hon. But what are you gonna do if you miss another anniversary?”

“Well, guess I’ll just have to think of something better then this to make up for that then.” Jake said.

“Hmmmm… I’ll decide in the shower if you forgetting our anniversary is really a bad thing.” Sara giggled. Then she took Jake’s hand and they walked off to the bathroom, the gunge that had dripped its way down to their feet squishing on the plastic as they went.

The End