After Dinner Snack

— by AlanWam —

My girlfriend and I had been going out together for a year and to celebrate I took her out to dinner. After a wonderful meal we went back to her house for coffee and settled down together on the settee listening to some CD’s. Soon we were kissing and soon my hand strayed to her leg where I slowly slid up the hem of her full skirt. It felt good as the silky black material slid over what turned out to be black seamed stockings. I stopped long enough to unbutton the front of the low cut dress and Jane stood briefly to let it fall to the floor revealing a pale cream basque and matching silky knickers. I resumed the kissing at that point and asked her if she’d enjoyed the evening to which she said yes but when I asked her if there was anything else she wanted she went all quiet. I told her if it was possible she could have anything she wanted but all she would say was she thought I would think her crazy. I told her not to be silly and eventually she told me she’d always fancied having a custard pie fight. I laughed and said that wasn’t silly at all and she seemed relieved so I suggested I make up some pies with some spray cream or something but she said that she fancied something a bit more messy so I suggested we look in the kitchen. Still wearing her underwear and with her stylish black suede stilettos on her feet we went into the kitchen and started looking to see what we could find but I wasn’t really sure what she wanted so I let her look. She started in the fridge and took out a box of eggs which she placed on the table along with a pint of milk and some yoghurts. Then she turned to the cupboards and started with some tins of beans which she gave to me and asked me to open them. When I hesitated she became reticent again but I smiled and told her to carry on and set about opening the tins. Then came a tin of treacle and one of honey before she produced bottles of brown sauce, tomato sauce and salad cream. Soon all sorts of things were appearing on the table and the final items were two large bags of flour.

Surveying the table she gave a grin and said she was looking forward to this and I started to remove my clothes placing them in the safety of the other room. Jane asked me to keep my boxer shorts on and I agreed. Jane then went into the lounge and said she’d be back in a minute and I assumed she was going to get undressed as well but I was in for a shock because when she returned she had redressed in the clothes she worn for dinner. When I made a comment about the mess and shouldn’t she take them off she told me that she’d planned to do that but now she really wanted to keep them on. I then pointed out that they probably wouldn’t wash and they would get ruined she gave me a wicked grin and said that was exactly what she was hoping.

I asked her what she wanted me to do and she instructed me to pour a tin of beans down the inside of her dress and so with my heart pounding I pulled out the top of her dress and slowly poured the beans into her cleavage where they disappeared. Jane went all giggly and squirmed around and soon the beans started to appear sliding down her legs and over her shoes onto the tiled floor. Next she told me to put something down her back so I emptied the sauce bottles down the back of her dress and massaged them all in. Jane wasn’t going to let me remain clean and pulling out the waistband of my shorts she placed all six eggs in and then broke them one at a time. At first the cold egg squashing around my prick was awful but soon I realised I was starting to enjoy it. She told me to mess up her hair and against my better judgement I poured the treacle over her beautiful curly blonde hair and as it dripped down her once immaculately made up face she tipped a bag of flour over her head and rubbed it all in. Soon I received the same treatment to my hair and before long we were both totally covered. As I was wiping some food from my eyes I didn’t see Jane approach with the kitchen scissors and the first I knew was as she expertly cut up the front of my shorts and removed them letting my now rampant sticky prick out. I wasn’t quite sure what to do next but Jane didn’t take long to tell me. She screamed at me to rip all her clothes off. I didn’t hesitate for long but I had to cut through the hem of the dress to get it started and I did give a quick thought to the cost but it was too late then and I was soon putting all my efforts into shredding the dress into as many pieces as possible as Jane screamed instructions. When the dress was in tatters she told me to take off her shoes and then to my total surprise she got me sitting astride her on her tits and made me cut the shoes up as much as possible. Next it was the basques turn and I needed the scissors yet again for that as it was impossible to tear but the stockings gave in easily to my nails. Finally it was the knickers turn and as I pulled at them they went up her crack and she arched her back and screamed. The knickers finally parted and I fell on her stuffing my sticky prick into her. It felt really good as our bodies squelched together and Jane tasted good.

When we’d recovered we showered together and made love again more slowly in bed leaving the kitchen till morning. What a sight and smell next day and we spent all morning clearing up but it was worth it.

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