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Lost Weekend

– by Cinnamon – I reserve us a hotel room for the weekend, and we arrange to meet there on a Friday afternoon – you after a drive down, and me after an early day at work. When you arrive at the hotel in Norfolk, you find I have arrived before you and welcomed you …

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MessTery Sploshing Theater #1

That’s right, it’s been ages in the making, but tonight you can listen to our very first audio production here at the Mess; a reading of my story “Gunge Bondage”! We have big plans for our little Theater, so we hope you enjoy what you hear! This first episode, and many in the future, will be …

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The Sticky Adventures Of Little Red Riding Hood

— by PieKitty — Once upon a time, there was a young woman who lived in a village near the forest. Whenever she went out, she wore a red hooded outfit, so everyone in the village called her Little Red Riding Hood. She also had long red hair, which probably contributed to the nickname. One …

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Bakery Trash for Pi Day

Today is 3.14, of course, so it’s time for some pi[e]! [qt:/movies/bakery-trash-480×320.m4v /gfx/bakery-trash-poster.jpg /movies/bakery-trash-480×320.m4v 480 320] Here’s a little something we’ll never release… submissive Cinnamon helps clean up the desserts. Messy play, plastic encasement, and a few shots of my boy bits 😛

Dumpster Seduction

— by Trash Mouse — The rest stop was on a quiet stretch of freeway just outside the city. Over the years the edge of town had moved ever closer and nearly overtaken the place, almost no one ever stopped there anymore. It was only a few more minutes until you reached town. I pulled …

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Birthday Cakes

— by Shokolada — She walked up behind me and put her arms around my neck, breathing in my ear, “So what do you want for your birthday, lover?” I thought about that for a second, then announced, “I want you.” She giggled. “You already have me, silly!” “No,” I corrected her, “I mean I …

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Dessert Glass

— by Shokolada — Cameron looked up from the chess game. He’d finally gotten a pawn across the board, and the introduction of another queen had saved his game at the last minute. He let an evil grin spread across his face, and said, “You know what this means, don’t you?” Linda knew very well. …

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Gunge Bondage

— by Shokolada — Linda approached the doorway with trepidation. When she’d lost the bet last night on the tennis match, Linda knew that the next night would be sexy, sticky, and a little unusual. Cameron was the first man she’d ever met who was into messy sex with pies and chocolate; while she’d learn …

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Pie the Secretary

— by Ivan — I took the large vanilla-and-chocolate frosting and marshmallow pie in hand as I slowly crept towards our secretary, Susan. Susan was a pretty woman. She wore a white blouse, beige knee-length skirt, and white canvas office shoes. She had a broad face with a broad smile. Her hair was short, curly …

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Baker’s Dozen

— by Ivan — Luigi’s bakery had been floundering in sales for some time. So, to inject some life into his business, he decided to have a little promotional called, “Baker’s Dozen”. This little scheme was simple. The first customer to come through the door on Baker’s Dozen Day got to plaster Tammi, Luigi’s 26-year-old …

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