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Whether it be a fan con or a lifestyle event, from this day forward I will do everything in my power to make sure that every convention with which I am involved has an anti-harassment policy in place, well-publicized, and enforced. For decades, I have been under the impression that fans and kinky people were …

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Cyber Monday 2012

I’ve had a lovely weekend full of the misuse of extra-large plastic trash bags, and I’m in an excellent mood, so why not celebrate Cyber Monday! For a limited time, there’s a sale on in the Pieworks Video Store, where you can buy one video and get one free! It’s the perfect time to fill …

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Debauchery “Archeopteryx” pricing

So, I will be teaching at Debauchery this year. It’s an absolutely incredible weekend run by two amazing folks, who are letting me in on a little secret: The registration price is $75 until October 9th – but for the few privileged folks reading these words, there are a very few “Archeopteryx” registrations available at …

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I Searched the Blog Over

Shok sitting in a Captain's Chair replica based on the original "Star Trek"

The good news is that the search box in the corner is finally behaving the way it should: it searches both in tags and in the body of each post or story. The bad news is that clicking on a tag isn’t correctly doing an automatic tag search, which is an issue with the Graphene …

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Return of the Revenge of the Video Store

The Pieworks video store is back! Not only do we have “Shopping List” for sale again, but in the next 24 hours, our newest HD short – “Can It!” – will be ready for download! Until then, check the Can It! trailer on YouTube, or the embedded version below: You can also look at the …

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Video Store MIA

Some of you loyal readers of the site have noticed that the Pieworks video store is not working at the moment. This is nothing serious or permanent, simply a minor issue where I have to get someone’s help with some paperwork, then it will be right back open again. Please bear with me, and I …

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Catch-up Posts

Not ketchup posts: that stuff is more noxious to play with in large quantities than you’d think. Anyway. My time-management skills failed my a bit last week, and I’m a bit behind in several announcements. The pie-based TARDIS is still under development, so going back to last Monday is out of the question. So anyway. …

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Bonus Posts for Members Only!

You’ll need a free registration on this site to see some of the material we have in store for you. Stories, photos, audio file, and exclusive videos are all on the way – and registration means you get to leave comments on any post? There’s just no good reason not to sign up! Register right …

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Class Descriptions

I do presentations and demos for kink events, ranging in size from small local group socials to large organization weekends such as Dark Odyssey. But there wasn’t really any formal list of the classes I could present… until now. Shokolada’s Mess: Classes! I absolutely love putting on a show with a touch of education and …

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Cake Batter Squirt Gun

A homemade gun for squirting cake batter.

For an upcoming shoot, and my own personal entertainment, today I built a cake batter squirt gun from a modified caulking gun framework and a custom ‘ammo’ cartridge. (Easy cleaning and replacement.) One fires by squeezing the trigger and pushing the pressing handle. Not accurate, but it hardly needs to be! Testing will begin as …

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