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Sensational Podcasting

I’ve verified that all the links are good, so now’s an excellent time to mention that I was again a guest on The Big Little Podcast! This time, the talk was all about Sensation Play, which is a major focus of my fetish fun. One of my favorite parts of a scene is the look …

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The Book of Erotic Fantasy

Back in the old days of pencils-and-dice gaming exemplified by “Dungeons and Dragons”, “Dragon” magazine ran a comic strip by the famed Phil Foglio that covered the topic of “Sex and D&D”. Well, it actually kept threatening to but was continually prevented; Foglio knew that promising a look at sex in gaming would be far …

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Notes on MarsCon and “Ready for Transport”

So, MarsCon is this completely awesome sci-fi/fantasy convention in Williamsburg that used to be a small relax-a-con, but isn’t quite as small anymore because it’s too awesome. Where else can you get complete, decent meals in the Con Suite for free all weekend? Doesn’t make me miss the autograph lines for Battlestar Galactica celebs at …

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A Catbunny in SecondLife

I do have a SecondLife account. I rarely use it, because I rarely hear of awesome events there I’ve got to attend, and in the meantime, World of Warcraft and Diablo III have quests and Half-Life 2 has a keen gravity gun. In the meantime, it struck me that SecondLife would be an easy way …

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Apple computing products have been used to produce Shokolada’s Mess and the efforts of Pieworks Productions since the very beginning. Thank you Steve Jobs, for creating products we have such fun using, and our condolences go to all those who were close to him. We’ll certainly miss him around here.

The Messily Radio Theater on the Air

Thanks to contributor Jourgo, I have the complete run of the Deanna’s Adventures stories. Some are mud tales instead of messy dessert but I may post them anyway 🙂 Question: would the visitors to this site be interested in purchasing readings of some of our stories? Or perhaps even fully-acted skit versions, with multiple voice …

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It’s Smaller On the Inside

A generic anime girl in a TARDIS-styled vacuum bondage box.

After seeing the latex Companion Cube from Kink Engineering, I had to find out if this custom job would be possible – just as a one-off, not an inventory item. Sadly, it seems it would be prohibitively expensive, and KE just doesn’t want to get burned by possible copyright infringement issues. Fair enough! Still, it …

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Nic Buxom: Art of Domination

I’ve been reading Nic Buxom’s webcomic nearly since it began. Her real life job as a West Coast dominatrix provides her with a lot of great reality-based material! She’s a great artist with a wonderful sense of humor, and I enjoy every strip (though a few have been somber and serious, so ‘enjoy’ may not …

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